Friday 22 January 2016

Living In Reality

Lunchtimes, I tend to get away from the work-office - because if you have lunch at work everyone will bug the shit out of you, so getting out is the only way of having an actual break. Usually I go to a park, quite often walking, sometimes the beach.

Reality is: when there's millions of dollars a day at stake, you need those breaks to relax/chill. I sometimes wonder what's wrong with the other workers in the place, it's like they're in denial. All a big laugh, whatcha doing tonight, we're gonna party, etc. I've written about it before.

Any rate, down a park yesterday lunchtime, eating and enjoying the sun/breeze/whatever. Very relaxing.

Suddenly the usual braying comes from some passing woman. I look over - about 30 meters away is two couples walking. The women are having a fine time at the top of their voices, laughing it up, etc. The two men are silent.

One of the women suddenly pops out with some bs about not cleaning up, leaving that to her man. The other has a loud laugh and says "same!". The two of them have a fine old giggle about this as they get into their cars, respective men still silent.

I suppose that you can't do a whole lot when your nuts are firmly in her purse.

The most interesting thing about this though: I was basically unmoved. Not shocked, not disgusted. Just a vague amusement, a kind of wonderment that these men still don't seem to grasp this. They live in denial rather than reality. They live willingly as slaves, no matter how bad the treatment dished out by their woman.

I suppose that I am living in reality, in not being interested in this bullshit.

At any rate, I seem to have slipped into a philosophical state. Don't really have much to say again (last time I said that, the stuff started flowing - go figure). I'm going away for a bit, will check in occasionally.

Keep your eyes open to reality.


  1. Those two men are what Lawrence Shannon was talking about in Predatory Female when he said, "slavery is the natural state of man."

    1. Damn straight. It still makes me wonder though.

      I guess it's the freed slave not comprehending why other slaves love their bondage.