Thursday 14 January 2016

Interchangeable and Society

Hold on tight, this'll make teh wimminz cry cry cry...

The PUAs make a big thing about pussy being an easily-found commodity.

Yep. They're all interchangeable.

Looked at coldly, it doesn't matter what the details of the woman are. When it comes to childbirth: a womb and pussy are a womb and pussy. It doesn't matter if she's some high-falutin' English heiress to 15 million pounds or some used-up crack-whore or some cute-ish Filipino or Thai chick who's burned her social bridges locally and wants a stupid Western man to wife her up. It's just another womb and pussy that pushes out a kid, ain't like that hasn't happened anytime in the past million-year history of the human species.

As Uncle Mitch once put it: The world has no end of warm wet holes and mouths.

Which is what makes me laugh when some single mommy states that her kids come first, when she's demonstrably going down on some new cock every week.

What's best for your kids: a) having a reliable man around, b) having unreliable or no men around

What's the best way to keep a man around: 1) putting him first, 2) putting your kids first

Stupid. Whore.

Conversely of course, cocks are an easily-found commodity. A cock is a cock is a cock. Which mindset teh single mommy wimminz have shown through their actions for quite some years, as they sample a variety of cock in their quest to "find themselves". (Which is wimminz-code for stuffing as much cock into all three orifices as possible - can you say "airtight"?)

Looked at coldly, it doesn't matter what the details of the man are. When it comes to conception: a cock is a cock is a cock, and evolutionarily may the best sperm win (see "Sperm Wars").

Now survival-wise for the woman and kiddies it's a slightly different matter. Using manosphere terms, Chad Thundercock has the best sperm while Bob the Builder has the reliability and nouse and therefore the money to keep body and soul together through his steady work. So we get to the concept of "Alpha Fucks and Beta Bucks", and our current socially-acceptable state of single mommies out the wazoo until they find someone to wife them up and keep them going for their final years (which has its own problems when she recalls her glory-days with Chad Thundercock and becomes discontented...)

So part of "The Red Pill" is swallowing the fact that men are disposable (interchangeable) in teh wimminz eyes. Plus conversely, in your male mind, you need to grasp - get it solidly into your head - that women are also disposable (interchangeable).

Looks don't mean shit if you can't stand to be around her for long periods of time. This leads to the pump'n'dump mentality, because the ones who're available are so fucked up that you can't - literally can't - bring yourself to stay with her for long. Assuming you can stand to get with her in the first place. You pump'n'dump, it's that or go completely fuckin' insane.

Understand that this isn't your fault. Back 200 years ago, if she was lucky she had a pool of 10-20 guys to choose from and there was nothing remotely anonymous about the process. If she became the village bike she couldn't hide it. She couldn't hide stepping out, too.

Similar situation with women in rural areas these days, only when she goes to a bigger town or city does this change. Easy transport and large numbers of people has vastly enlarged the pool of guys to potentially tens of thousands, plus making her invisible in the crowd. She gets to experiment as she stars in her very own porno rendition of Girls Gone Wild and Gangbang Barbie.
The hypocrisy and doublethink then comes into play in women's thinking. He is disposable while I am a pweshus pwincess etc. All of society and her upbringing have told her so, reinforced every day through the media and movies and being catered to by every quisling maggot that puts her up on a pedestal to worship her rancid from umpteen guys cum golden cunt.

Which is why she goes fucking insane when you pump'n'dump her entitled shitty ass. You've just shown her, and all and sundry, that she is not an indispensable special snowflake princess.

That she's just as interchangeable as you are.


  1. What is it about Chad Thundercock that makes his sperm "the best"?

    1. I was about to reply, then realized you have a damn good point. The biz with Chad Thundercock may simply be a manosphere trope that I have absorbed - upon examination the reality may be noticeably absent.

      I will give it a damn good think and see if I can find some research.

    2. - start here and follow the links.

    3. - this is also relevant - also the act of sex as reinforcement (goes for both parties, of course)