Wednesday 6 January 2016

Wake The Fuck Up

I ran across this again, remember it from long ago.

Like the old Psycho Ex Girlfriend audios that are still going out around there (google them - always great for a refresher).

Guy was on holiday in Europe, and his fucking girlfriend is so crazy and narcissistic that she doesn't remember even though he told her before he left...
Now, what can we learn from this?

For starters, do like he did and READ ALL THE EMAILS.

But the two things he says he learned are this:

  1. Careful when you date passionate people, because passion swings both ways. Sometimes they'll love you, but other times they'll hate you. And when they hate you...boy do they hate you.
  2. When you go to Europe for 2 weeks, leave your fucking phone on.
Those are such utter bullshit. The reality is that he didn't learn any real fucking lesson from that.

What he should have learned is:
  1. All women are fucking psycho
  2. Looking back, he missed the obvious prior warnings


  1. An oldie but a goodie.

    The amazing thing is how TF could she not even know? Can we really believe that he didn't tell everyone - not just her - a thousand times what he was doing and how pumped he was about doing it? For months beforehand? She never listened to him, not even once. Not once was what he was doing, where he was at, how he was going even on her radar.

    And he excuses her utter unconcern and disdain with "she's passionate".

    The comments on youtube say exactly what you would suppose.

    PS: I'd sign in to post, but your website doesn't work. That's why everyone is posting anonymously.

    1. Yes, so head-up-own-ass that she had no attention for anything other than herself directly. What amazes me is that he never noticed it long before and dumped her ass. Far too forgiving of bad behavior.

      The signing-in problem is thanks to google, who really can't be bothered that much with providing service for non-paying customers. Freebies, go figure, huh.

  2. Unless she brings something extraordinary to the table that he is not mentioning, my advice to him is run - do not walk - to the nearest exit.