Sunday 17 January 2016

Interchangeable Relationships

So this is probably going to be the final bit about how the entire mindset of interchangeable has fucked over the world - or at least Western culture. There might be a few more footnotes somewhere, however IMO this is the final trickle-down effects.

The stuff prior:

Business, cheapness causing collapse.

Business, cheapness and interchangeable causing a race to the bottom re quality and job/life insecurity.

Interchangeable sex partners.

How being interchangeable means you have no negotiation power.

And now: Relationships. (Relationshits? 'Cause relationships are about gone, the last few ships vanishing over the horizon. 'Cause there's only one fucking Captain on a ship and they can see the writing on the wall.)
What's best for your kids: a) having a reliable man around, b) having unreliable or no men around
What's the best way to keep a man around: 1) putting him first, 2) putting your kids first
When every dick and pussy is interchangeable, indistinguishable, that means that the body and personality attached is likewise interchangeable and indistinguishable. And it is viewed that way, as you can tell from teh wimminz sampling a new cock every week while Little Johnny and Little Anne are curled up in their beds in the next room - listening to mommy scream her pleasure out at high volume interspersed with phrases like "fuck me harder! fuck me in the ass! let me suck your cock! so beautiful! piss on me! oh God! I wanna lick your ass!" etc.

Both Little Johnny and Little Anne can sense it: An (a1) moment this is not.

Any rate. Like I said, looks don't mean much if you can't stand to be around her for long - or even get with her in the first place. You know exactly what I mean. Not only is her vagina rancid - her personality is rancid as well.

Rotten, shitty, crazy, infantile, contradictory, insane, entitled, moronic, childish, etc. All the mental-emotional freight (baggage grown to where it requires a train) about wimminz that is bundled together and referred to as "the hamster".

So why is this? It's because in her mind relationships are also interchangeable.

If they're all the same, why put any effort in?

To an individual relationship, or relationships in general?

So down they go, down the tubes, no effort, don't give a fuck, can't be arsed, get a shitty attitude, be crass, swear, lip off, let's have a game of you and him fight, let's play Marry Fuck Kill, ooooo this one makes me horny, hey baby wanna fuck - you get the picture. Go down the bars for six months to a year, you'll see it all and way more besides. You get to where the only way you'd hang around the girls is if you are desperate.

As I said in a different context: you didn't have to, yet you made your choice.

In the old days women had to make a helluva effort, prove their family-making skills, and put a lot of work into making a family. Five-six-seven kids, cooking, clothing, vegetable garden, preserving food, teaching, medicine, etc.

These days? Nah, why bother. There's always another guy out there looking for a root relationship. "I'm gonna get preggers and go on the DPB." Stated out loud, right in front of men: to hell with men, to hell with a husband, she'll get pregnant and suck off the government tit.

Men have wised up and are following the same path. She can't be arsed putting any effort in? Neither can he. This is probably some of the mentality behind the PUA tactic of not responding to a text for hours, maybe days. "I care less about you." "No, I care less about you." A phone call? You must be joking, nobody makes phone calls these days.

Her: (bullshit excuse/fight) ... let's just end this.

Him: Alright.

Her: (incoherent) Goddamn you, do I mean so fucking little to you that you won't even *make an attempt* to keep a relationship going?!?!!?!

Him: (shrugs and moves on)

I have done this.

Reality is that a woman will do (or not do) whatever she wants. What she says will not be what she does. She says she wants you, panting for it, naked selfies out the wazoo - then suddenly flakes. So you're sexting - and she suddenly goes silent on you. For whatever reason or none, maybe she's got some Chad Thundercock for a few weeks. She may eventually get back to you a couple months or a year later.

If she can be arsed. There's plenty of cock, men, etc out there - no need to put any effort in. Besides, she's probably a little embarrassed the way things went (or didn't) with you. Might as well avoid you, it's less painful feelz on her part.

She's like the weather, about all you can do is shake your head in bemusement and move on with your day.

A race to the bottom of not-caring. It's self-defense against going insane.

I have a mental image of Hell On Earth, from the short-novel pair Black Easter/The Day After Judgement (by James Blish). The characters are walking through a city populated with near-naked men and women. Every so often a man goes up to a random woman and has sex with her. One of the characters is a sex-maniac, was fucking a succubus prior to Judgement Day, and this had him somewhat interested for a short time - until he realizes that the men and women fucking are both utterly bored with the process.

Hell indeed.

Hey, where'd all the men go?


  1. We're all meat-holes now. Just a means to an end for somebody. We're all being played. Are we having fun yet?

  2. I would like to see a statistical study done on the Marry, Fuck, Kill game. I'm betting the most common chosen answer from females is kill, and second would be fuck, and marriage would never come into the picture unless it was a rich bloke whom she would say she would marry him, fuck him, kill him, and take all his money and possessions.

  3. Yes, we are having fun - by ourselves. Which is why I get on Instructibles quite often, make little projects. Trivial yet more useful than the women around here.

    M/F/K game and statistics - the couple times I played it, Marry was notably absent. The game on KnowYourMeme is interesting.