Friday 1 January 2016

Zero Tolerance

So my current girl has asked a few times, why someone like me is still available.

It's that zero tolerance policy.

You get one opportunity, only. One fuckup and you're done.

It makes my life so much simpler. (In the past I was more lenient. It drove me fucking nuts. I allowed people to drive me nuts.)

A woman attempts to screw me over - or I realize that she has screwed me over - she's toast. Because I can't be arsed kicking her in the arse enough times that she's going to learn enough to get the fucking picture.

I'm not getting paid to do that shit for her. I'm not getting paid to hold her hand and teach her basic manners. I'm not getting paid to wipe her nose and ass and deal with her emotional issues and problems caused by the other fuckwits in her life. I'm not her fucking emotional punching-bag.

That's the thing. So many people think that certain labels give them carte blanche. Labels like: "wife", "mother", "father", "brother", "sister", "cousin", "family", "son", "daughter", "girlfriend". They use those labels as an excuse to indulge in shit-awful behavior that they would never use with a total stranger - instead of acting in the exemplary manner with which those people should be treated.

My nearest and supposed dearest treats me like shit, I give not one fuck for them any more.

So-called friends. So-called employers.

Now, an employer you might continue with - in a very half-assed manner. Simply because hey, they are fucking paying you. But your actual efforts on their behalf might drop from 60% (realistically most employers make their employees way less efficient than they should be) to say 30-40%. Because all of the sudden the fucks-given and pride taken in a good job done well drops to nil.

Suddenly life and work becomes much easier, because: I don't have time for this crap.

A business fucks me around, say my old telecom provider (conveniently called Telecom in New Zealand - imaginative we ain't). Congratulations, you lost a customer. For the past ten years they've been sending offers my way. No thanks.

A friend fucks me around by getting constantly drunk and involving me in bar-fights. Congratulations, you lost a friend. Haven't seen that fucktard for 20-odd years, am glad of it. Life got so much simpler.

Dancers. Searching amongst the hoes and sluts in bars, delusionally expecting to find "The One". Drama. Horseshit. Bye-bye. Life got so much simpler.

These people are supposed to enhance your life, not fuck it up in some retarded manner by displaying their own idiocies and neuroses and nastiness for the world to see and act upon. And taking all that dumbass shit out on you "just because".

Simplify your life.

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