Thursday 31 December 2015

Learn To Be Lonely

I hadn't planned on any New Year's post or the like - or anything for the next few weeks. Yet here it is. Simply because something finally clicked in my head.

Why do divorced guys get married again? And again, and (sometimes) yet again? Three-four marriages?

They can't stand the loneliness.

Which finally explains a guy I know who just got taken (again) by his latest Russian bride. That's his original chick and two Russian girls so far. I wonder if he's going to try for #3 Russian bride - or maybe he'll go for Brazilian, or Argentinean, or Filipino, or whatever the du jour of the moment happens to be.

Happy fuckin' Christmas mate. Are you going to stop banging your head into the wall any time soon? You must be about broke by now.

Admittedly, thinking about it, it's only us old farts who go around doing stupid shit like second-third-fourth marriages. We still cling, in some weird way, to the idea of "the one".

There is no "One". The world isn't filled with elves, fairies, and unicorns that shit rainbows. It runs on blood, sweat and diesel.

The younger generation has it much easier than us old farts. They can generally read the writing on the wall. That is probably why the stereotype of the fat no-hoper young guy living in the 'rents basement and playing video games came into being. Boilerplate shaming language flung around by feminists and fucktards with an agenda, to describe a situation that they can't otherwise figure.

Like I said in "What is MGTOW" - it doesn't matter what the fuck you do. So long as it's your choice and you are in control of your life as much as possible.

The younger generation read the writing on the wall. They have many stellar examples and pillars of female respectability to enjoy the company of.

Why, even our bestest friend mattress girl is lauded as a paragon of wonderfulness. Something that all of teh wimminz should aspire to.

Of course, there's GamerGate - ComicGate - the other various Social Justice Warrior pussies who got their digs in while they could - the guys getting fired over a bad joke because Sarkeesian decided to take offence -

Yeah, the younger generation got their heads down. Fuckin' sensible, those guys. They know it's better to be lonely, than to be shafted. Way better than playing Russian Roulette with half the chambers loaded. Add another bullet for each marriage after the first.

Which makes a whole lotta sense. Most younger guys who are effective MGTOW never even read about it on the interwebs. They don't bother coming out here. They already know all this shit. They got eyes, they can see, they got brains, they can think. These days it truly doesn't take much to smell the shit and connect the dots. Her age doesn't matter much - the problems are relentless from the majority of women (maybe 80%).

It's just us older farts, and the guys still shaking off the blinkers and brainwashing, who have wandered into the manosphere. Trying to get a few answers. Pity that it's so full of scammers and con artists.

If you ever see me selling anything - some kinda infobook or the like - you know that I've sold my soul out and become a scammer.


  1. Eh, learning to like solitude is a better choice. Loneliness is a feeling of yearning for company. And neither the gal from "Donglegate" nor "Shirtstorm" was Sarkeesian.

    1. Correct, the girls were Richards and Evelyth respectively. You still get the idea though.

      I specifically used "loneliness" because that yearning for company drives people to do strange things. Counterproductive things. Things like getting married a 3rd or 4th time, when they should know better. Knowing that the chances are high of destroying whatever remains of their life, yet doing it anyway.

      "Such a good little man-slave, allowing someone else to leech off the last few years of his life." To be really cynical about it, I wonder how Mark Minter and GeishaKate are doing. Marrying a single mommy. The sparks did fly for a while there in the manosphere.

      Now, solitude has undertones of acceptance and choice and enjoyment. These are alternative undertones which the leaders of the herd cannot understand and therefore must stamp out at every opportunity. So they relabel it as loneliness, trying to strike fear into the chooser of solitude.

      This because loneliness has connotations of being imposed from the outside. As in being ostracized by the herd, pushed out, forced out, actively deemed as being unfit and rejected.

      Which is possibly a why behind statements like "you're going to die bitter and alone", etc. It's another social shaming tactic, boilerplate, you will conform in the desired/expected manner or be shut out of our society - because our society is all that matters in life. Especially if you know what's good for you. And women always know what's good for you. Your mother and sisters and society as a whole taught us all that, all of our lives.

      Thus: Learn to be lonely.