Wednesday 18 February 2015


For all those fuckwits who try to pull the "man up" card on men. I'm talking Mangina's and White Knights both, plus anyone with some sort of agenda who tries to pull the you should man up to save civilization crapola on you.

Eat shit.

It's like marriage. You poor, deluded bastards out there. Marriage is now nothing more than slavery for a man, whether she stays married to you or otherwise. Dig through the stats, I'm tired of harping on about them alla time. Yeah you might find a fucking unicorn, good luck with that hunt.
So tell me.

Which fucking memo says: "throwing yourself into the gears for a civilization that is hurtling down the path of self-destruction is a good idea"?

Hmmm? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Oh, I'm supposed to do it from self-sacrifice? Any Real Man™ would do it as a matter of course, out of pure courage? And feel honored to do so?

Committing suicide isn't courage. It's fucking suicidal. Definitely not fucking smart, just like listening to women and mangina's and white-knights is not fucking smart.

Good luck with your bullshit shaming tactics. Time for more Grand Marnier, and one final picture:


  1. Various people advancing their own interests, acting at cross-purposes.... It's just life, like everywhere else.
    People often try to make someone else pull their chestnuts out of the fire. Manosphere is no exception.

    As for terminology, 'serial monogamy' is misleading. Specifically, serial polyandry is the feminist goal: - goes well with the mud-huts, does not? : )

    1. Yes, terminology, grief. Plus people who warp and change the meanings of words - I'm looking at leftists and academics and femiwhores here.

      Give teh wimminz their mud huts while men live in their nice places. We can go to the mud huts once a year, take all the boy-children, and sire another generation on teh wimminz - then back to our nice places. Leave 'em to stew and whine on their own.

    2. If it were your own boy-children, the odds are that you wouldn't want it. Malnutrition during pregnancy and lactation, infectious diseases in infancy, chronically increased parasite load - all those are adverse contributions to their later lives, up to and including shortened lifespans. If I had children, I wouldn't want it for them.

    3. True enough from that perspective, indeed. It is probably the only reason to support women in any way: to be certain that your own children get to grow up properly health-wise.

      The new joke: Women need Men like a Fish needs a Bicycle. Why? They'd rather walk than drive.