Sunday 15 February 2015

Crap Colored Glasses

Writer Anonymous stated in a comment on my last post:
I got my shit colored glasses after blowing $6k on a stripper/whore 19 years ago. So you got yours pretty cheap in comparison.
I was going to reply to him, then realized that he deserved better. He - and other readers - deserve a clearer explanation of my often-used closing statement of: "Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price". Plus the history behind it.

I believe that I have put up some of the history at various times, though probably not all of it. Or very scattered, all over the show. So understand straight up here: it did not cost me a simple $1k to get my crap-colored glasses. It did not cost $10k to get them. With wasted time and life and missed opportunity costs it was well over $500k, closer to $600k.

That's being extremely conservative. See: Is That Pussy Worth It? for a clearer idea.

See, in my youth I was basically playing around and all that stuff with regards to women. Probably reasonably textbook "Alpha" as it is defined in certain sections of the Manosphere. Eventually got it together enough to go into partnership with some guys and put together an IT company. We started making some serious dollars.

Then I decided that it was time to settle down and be a responsible fuckin' adult. I drank the Kool Aid™ - slugged it back pretty hard - went all the way into so-called "Beta" as it's put in certain sections of the Manosphere. Wife, house, lookin' at a family down the line, you get the shitty picture. It can hit you hard if you aren't paying attention. Or if you listen to society and decide that that's what you "should" do, to help keep fuckin' civilization going and all.

On the surface, my ex-cunt probably hit the jackpot so far as our feminized society was concerned and the billing and cooing of all the femicunts around. Which amongst women, that's all that matters.

Then she hit The Bloat™, played the "I'm not haaaappy" card, and *flush* everything down the toilet. The only reason that I had anything left was because I made it abundantly clear to her and to all the lawyers involved that I'd pursue a Scorched Earth Policy™ if they pushed hard enough.

Fuck the consequences to me, I'll survive better'n her.

So yeah, I have a house (too big for me) and part of a business still. Thank goodness that there were no children to get caught up in the meat-grinder, nor do we typically pay alimony in New Zealand. (It is possible, simply very uncommon - it's called "Spousal Support". A massive fuckin' crock of shit whatever the name.)

So there's the history-bit. Now to the explanation of Crap Colored Glasses™.

These days I spend about $20 a week being social. Work out the numbers: 20 x 50 = $1,000 a year. In prior times I spent a lot more, learning to dance and socializing and et-fucking-cetera. Now that's dropped down to $1k - lunch, the occasional beer, BBQ, simple shit like that. I spend way more each year doing self-improvement with weight-training at a gym with a personal trainer.

Occasionally you end up with a woman. It's been two so far this year. They don't last long: invariably they do something completely fuckin' stupid and shaft themselves. The average cunt these days has the brains and attention-span of a flea.

Alternatively, you could spend about $200 a week fucking a younger, tighter whore. With a going rate of: 200 x 50 = $10,000 a year for paid pussy. There's the "cheap at 10x the cost" bit, which is where it appears that Anonymous fell into things and earned his Crap Colored Glasses™. Good on you man. You got it cheap.

Because you can go the full half-million-dollar self-chosen ball-roast like I did. Decide that that pussy is worth it. Put your nuts in her purse. Lose a large amount of every damn thing you've ever built up over your entire life, plus what you probably would have done without her around. As per "Is That Pussy Worth It?" above.

I was lucky. I didn't lose everything. It could have happened, start over from zerch.

Was that pussy worth it? Worth the lost opportunities? Worth the wasted money that should have been invested properly? Worth the mind-fuck-games? Worth the passive-aggressive bullshit? Worth the arguing? Worth the snide remarks? Worth the snotty attitude from a cunt who basically didn't make $50k a year and spent more than that? Worth being around a crazy BPD/NPD cunt?

Fuck no.

Which is why this blog is here. "Exposing the black poison in the soul of the world." Pointing out all this fuckin' crazy shit that women do. Pointing out the crap that has been ladled into our heads to hide that crazy shit. Thinking random thoughts about all the crazy shit going on. Trying to help in some small way so that some men get those damn cautionary tales brought to their attention, so that they don't go around blind and unthinking in their lives.

Being sarcastic as fuck at times, tryin' to keep it real as fuck, twisting the viewpoint around to look at things from many weirdass angles. Even hers, trying to look out through the eyes of the shallow, inane, insane.

My tiny way of paying it back to the world of 3.5 billion men that I will never meet. Every post as shallow as the surface where you roll your eyes and gloss over it in a few seconds before moving on. Every post as deep as you can bring yourself to look down the fuckin' black hole of shit before you start shakin'.

A small voice tryin' to help you be free.

In a way, this - the so-called Manosphere - is some of the wisdom that we lost with the Boomer generation. Those fuckwits turned their back completely on the prior generation who had fought two hard wars, put together money, and were "successful" despite all that shit. Not that they were the absolute best in life - however they generally had it together reasonably well.

But, no. Turn on, tune in, drop out. "My olds were such squares maaaan." "Enslaved and working for the system maaaan." "Never trust anyone over 30 maaaan." Fuckin' hippies.

There is the surface world, the gynocentric, pussy-owns-everything, femicunt paradise. Yeah there's a few cracks in it - chasms for the older cunts. On the whole though, it's all fluffy: babies, elves, faeries, Harry Potter, unicorns that shit rainbows, limp-wristed adaptations of 50 Shades of Shit. It's all about her and how she feels.

Under the surface, in the real world, it all runs on blood, sweat and diesel. This is the part that's all about him and how he bleeds.
Some of mine got caught in the gears of slavery, though I managed to extract myself with relatively minimal pain. So I do my best to show others the gears, levers, pullies, camshafts, rollers, et-fucking-cetera. So they hopefully won't get caught in it - or can maybe extract themselves with less hassles.

Crap Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the cost. Good luck Anonymous. The world is yours - as much of it as you want - so long as you are careful to not become a slave caught in the gears and rollers.
Time to sip some Grand Marnier, now I'm done with talkin'.


  1. - it could be worse with kids in the picture.

    1. Yes indeed. I'm glad that there were no children to get caught up in the gears.

      I got off lightly.

  2. I feel a morlock versus Eloi reference in there!

    1. In a bent and twisted way of the Eloi consuming the Morlocks, yes.