Sunday 1 February 2015

Takeaways from Rich Zubaty

Okay, I've finally finished Rich Zubaty's book "What Men Know That Women Don't". Like anything, it will take a while and several rereads for everything to percolate through and make some kind of sense. Also, like anything, to decide myself what I think makes sense and what I think is not relevant. Your choice, your thoughts, your beliefs.

Here's a quote from his conclusions:
Here's the answer to the question every guy wonders about: 
Q: How come we live in a society that APPEARS to be run by men but FEELS like it's run by women? 
A: Because, like viruses, female values, FEMALE MEMES, have invaded our psyches. Men's psyches, women's psyches, children's psyches. It's been going on for millennia. We live in a world designed by and for female values - female memes. 
The Patriarchy is a Matriarchy. We do not live in a Patriarchy; we live in a Covert Matriarchy. Women and feminized men enforce female values, female memes.
You will have to read the book and decide for yourself. Myself, thinking about it, I think Zubaty is correct. "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world." We absorb women's shit, women's brainwashing, women's thinking from birth onwards.

Women are more materialistic than men. As per my last post, you don't see men buying 100+ pairs of fucking shoes. Actions speak louder than lying fucking words.

Men can survive on a shitload less than women can. MGTOW, Enjoy the Decline, minimalism. Give a man a knife and a blanket to start with, everything else will follow through from that. Women will spend days whinging about being hungry and form a committee. As I recall, there was a non-english version of Survivor which showed the same: a group of men, a group of women, the women were lazy cunts that got nothing done and sponged off the men.

Women are control-freaks who panic when things go to shit. Oh yeah! It's always negative, worry-worry-worry, etc with these nutjobs. Being around a panicking woman is one of the most unpleasant situations that I've been in. Tell them to shut the fuck up so you can think straight and they start getting pissy as well as freaking out at high volume. I felt very close to killing someone that time. Now I just walk away from these fruitcakes, let the cunts stew.

Men are more intuitive than women. Counter-intuitive, just think about it though. Men invented all the labor-saving devices on the planet bar one: the dishwasher. That was invented by a woman. That alone goes to show you just how fucking much women hate washing dishes. On the whole men are scientists of various stripes and have done most creative industrialization of our world. It takes a lot of intuition to manage that kind of inventiveness.

Men in desk work (especially computer-like work) are highly feminized. This one I found personally difficult to swallow. being a computer programmer and tech myself. Looking at it though I have to agree at least somewhat. Boys are rambunctious, running around and doing all that physical stuff that humanity has done for hundreds of thousands of years. Women sit around in a working-bee and chatter inanely. Any boy who doesn't sit down and shut up in school (like a girl does) will find himself diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Ritalin to brain-fuck him into placid obedience. Fun.

Men have deeper feelings than women. This I am heavily in agreement with. Women's emotions are all over the fucking show randomly, while men keep it all inside. It is rare for it to break forth - usually only in times of extremes. In fact I seriously question the alleged emotions of women. A creature that can cold-heartedly turn on the waterworks to manipulate men must be considered suspect of deliberately manufacturing fake "emotions". They certainly manufacture drama with absolutely no consideration for others involved when they are "bored". And they invented the whole Parental Alienation thing.

Men are not the oppressors of women. Yep. That's why we're fucking here.

Feminism is a disease of willfulness spread by memes which travel from brain to brain like a virus. Feminism is an addiction. In my view, an addiction of laziness. These whores think they can now be sloppy and lazy and men will be forced to take it, whether they like it or not. Though the stupid cunts didn't realize that men could simply say "go fuck yourself" and do their own thing. Now that factoid is starting to hit their consciousness. (A bit like the Grass Eater Men and Dried Fish Women of Japan.)

Rich Zubaty's "New Male Manifesto":
Not just the best thing you can do - the only thing you can realistically do. Be a slave, or force 'em to do it themselves. If you're a MGHOW then you have no need of women's approval, no need to do anything for them, and you can act dumb and tell them that you are totally un-handyman-like. Or straight-up tell 'em to go fuck themselves. You just don't give a damn about women's social approval or disapproval. Not relevant.

This book is going up on my list of recommended reading.
I'm surprised to realize that I've put up more than 500 posts. I never expected to have anything like this much to say - even given the purpose of the blog: pointing out the nastiness in the guts of society. It's just so fuckin' easy to see, everywhere, blatant yet not noted by the glazed eyes of the average brainwashed man. Hidden in plain sight, given a special spin to fit the female narrative of "she can do no wrong".

A nasty, filthy poison to attempt to wash down. We can only hope that Nietzsche was correct, in that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Good night, everyone. I will wash down my dose of poison with some Grand Marnier. See you in the days to come.


  1. I'd reword it with a twist: "What does not kill you, makes you wish it would". Heh.

    1. Makes me wish I could do a Rambo on the system. Completely toxic.

      Remember that Rich Zubaty wrote this 15-20 years ago. It's gotten worse.

    2. Actually he wrote the first version in 1989. That's 25 years ago.

  2. You give women too much credit. Women are children in adult bodies and feminism is a tool implemented by our overlords to emasculate/reign over the unwashed masses.

    1. "Women: the most responsible teenager in the house." IIRC, I believe that came from The Book of Philathese, in my Free Reading section. Though it may have been The Book of BoneCrkr.