Saturday 7 February 2015

Stupid Whores

In a while I will be wandering off to a friend's birthday party, where I get to hang around a bunch of stupid women whores. I only do it because he's actually a decent enough bloke to be around. Fuck, you only turn 40 once eh!

Any rate, the stupid women whores that I will inadvertently subject myself to will include the following types:

  • A 23yo party-slut with a 2yo girl. He was good enough to fuck her, he was good enough to birth his baby, he was good enough to steal child-support from.
  • A 43yo divorced drink-slut who got a tit-job. Why can't I find a maaaaan?
  • A 36yo fatty dance-slut who is getting ready to marry her man of 3 years. She's a slob and is already discontented with him - he works long hours.
  • A 29yo divorced dance-slut with a 9yo girl. She is currently riding as many male dancers as she can get to fill her holes.
  • A 35yo tattoo-slut who an acquaintance has shacked up with for the interim. It was a step up from the actual whore he was shacked up with 2 years ago.
  • A 28yo nurse-dance-slut who has become "serious" with a dancer male. He doesn't know that she was the town bike for the last 6-7 years.
  • A 31yo divorced dancer-slut who once had 6 guys in a single night. Her man of 2 years doesn't actually know that story.
  • A 20yo who got knocked up by and then married a mechanic (at age 19). She never got rid of the baby-fat from #1 and is now getting ready to push out #2 - fatty and discontented already.
  • A 41yo divorced drink-slut who literally drinks and smokes so much that it's amazing she manages to keep her looks. Why can't I find a maaaaan?
  • A 30yo educated-slut who is shacked up with the computer nerd who is paying her marine-biology degree while she works as a receptionist. Hooray, you know your ABC's and can do filing - how empowering.
  • A 41yo separated slut who is in the process of divorcing her man now that he's put her through expensive university education. For extra fun, he is also showing up.

You get the fucking picture. And these are just ordinary hoes from around the town.

Divorcees. Single mommies. Cock-carousel-riders. Freeloaders. Sluts.

Ain't life grand.

And us - we men - are supposed to man-up and pay for that useless pile of shit. It makes me fucking laugh.

None of that pussy is worth it.

Drop a fuck in it. Make sure that you don't get it pregnant. Let it go once it gets obstreperous. Sure as FUCK don't put a ring on it - especially the divorced ones with their womb-turds in tow!

Me, I'm going to be sipping my Grand Marnier and joking with the men while a one-inch steak cooks on the BBQ. Because THAT is worth it.

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