Sunday 15 February 2015

I Can Change Him

We all know this bullshit. A man gets married and ends up pussywhipped - because the law gives wifey all the power, so he knuckles under or gets stomped. Then, of course, he gets stomped anyway because "he's changed, he's not the man I fell in love with".

No duh, you stupid cunt.

However, there's this interesting little delusion that many women have. I think that it is a good part of the PUA attraction that a lot of brain-damaged hoes fall under the spell of. I'm meaning when you see some crazy cunt who sticks around with some abusive guy - perhaps even a drug-dealer - and if she is somehow "freed" from him, she comes out with a surprisingly-common sob-story.

"I don't know why I stayed. I thought I could change him." Cue tears and shit as well.

A good number of them go back to their abusive guy. Gathering a load of commiseration from the hen's-brigade. "She can't help it. That bastard has her all tied up in knots. She's hopelessly screwed up by him. She needs some special therapy to help sort her out." Ad infinitum, the bill-and-coo routine from the feminine imperative. So basically trite.

The raw truth is far too unpalatable for "polite" society to handle. The truth is: she wants her situation as-is.

But she can't say that! Oh no! No no nonono! No, she's the victim of ongoing brutality or whatever. The poor dear is not in control of herself. The soothing pablum, the intellectual pap, attempting to hide the raw reality of her unshackled female desires.

Because society cannot handle the fact that she's a cat in heat and wants moooooorrreeee!

I think that on some level, any hoe who gets involved with certain types of guys knows that they're basically losers. Somewhere deep down in her gut. Instead of avoiding them like the plague-carriers they are, she follows the sexual tingles that he's triggered in her. She rationalizes it externally (and internally?) by looking on him as a project, by saying "I can change him".

To which the pussy-brigade says: "You go girl!" "Good on you!" "Yes! You'll succeed!" Add many, many variations on these banalities.

Yeah, go ahead and change him. Good luck Chuck.

You see it in the online dating profiles. "I'm tired of dating jerks and losers!" Out she goes again, dating another jerk/loser. Helplessly and hopelessly attracted, the broken in her magnetised to the broken in him. Around and around they go in an endless cycle because she wants moooore.

Karma catches up too late and trips the stupid cunt during her declining years. This is known colloquially as "The Wall". We enjoy that schadenfreude as life puts the boot into her face, ribs, and belly.

Excuse me while I put my Crap Colored Glasses™ in a safe spot for the interim. Only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.


  1. I got my shit colored glasses after blowing $6k on a stripper/whore 19 years ago. So you got yours pretty cheap in comparison.

  2. The main problem is having to work with Females and then date them. Because workplaces have become so feminised, a lot of men have seen the true nature of woman and if they have to work with them and put up with the amount of shit at work, why would a logical thinking man want to have the same level of shit or more in his non working time?
    The only guys I know who bother dating and doing the night game horseshit, and LTR stuff, are guys that work in an all male environment. They are the lambs to the slaughter, but this number is reducing due to the outsourcing of these male centric kinds of jobs to asia, And women whine there are no more good men. They can have their cats and the wall of fugliness. They rushed into the workplace and displaced men from the workforce, with the help of the western governments. Now they have to lie in the stone cold bed they made for themselves