Sunday 15 February 2015

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

I'm at the Sunday morning market where I live. Chilly morning in New Zealand, talking with various stall-holders, that kind of thing. It's just an enjoyable outing, walking around with my brother, chatting, looking for things (in my case: tools).

One of the female stall-holders we like to hassle. Reason: she's mad as a meataxe. She was once one of the golden girls, now she's a nutjob. We give her good-natured teasing shit, like telling her to bring us a sandwich and coffee and stuff like that.

This morning she's hint-hint-hinting that she's looking for a(nother) man. Probably because yesterday was vagina-day and she's feeling the lack of love. My brother and I are hassling her. She suddenly pops out with a little turd:

"I know you guys aren't serious. Actions speak louder than words."

I had to have a little chuckle inside. Yes indeed, actions speak louder than words - so let's see what her actions tell us:

* she's 54
* she's blond
* she's blue-eyed
* her skin is going to hell (too much sun)
* she smokes
* she drinks
* she's mildly fat (and getting fatter)

In contrast, I've seen 57yo's who I would fuck in a heartbeat - they look like they're early-thirties at worst.

This one though, her actions are saying: "I'm a lazy slob of an entitled bitch who thinks that my over-aged, over-stretched vagina, along with my magic-magic-magic self, am everything that you want."

She's going downhill, I'm going uphill (gym, hiking, that good stuff). And she shits out that little turd of thought.

Here's a converse thought: (in)actions speak louder than words. IE you're not wanted, you crazy whack-job.

Always amusing to get the equivalent of a "man up" shaming attempt from such a fucking trainwreck.

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