Monday 9 February 2015

Hire-A-Hubby and Demographic Decline

For all the Femicunt whores out there who proclaim "we don't need a stinking man" - you are correct.

You can now hire a husband for a time, to do the basic maintenance on your oh-so-lovely designer home.

Yes, you no truly no longer need a man to ruin your perfect lifetime of bliss and ease and ultra-competence. You can hire a substitute to do all the grunt-work around the house. Being a peon/hireling/slave, so long as you are paying him - you get the bliss of being able to order him around without compunction.

I consider this to be A Good Thing™. To explain: now that there is no work for the average Joe male, he can actually hire his fixing and what-have-you skills out to women.

As a man he no longer is required to compete in the "workspace" that feminism has so successfully invaded with their "you go girl" and "you can have it all" memes. He can leave all that soul-draining work to teh wimminz. Instead he can do what is most fulfilling to his inner self: building (or maintaining) something physical that will actually last and has solid worth.

Yes, he can drain teh wimminz of their oh-so-hard-eared-cash. Using that to fund his (sexist) minimalist lifestyle - well away from her.

On a more serious/less sarcastic note, I see from Unca Bob's Treehouse that Russia has a demographic time-bomb on it's hands. It boils down to them not having enough babies to keep their population up, to the point of losing several million people by 2050.

Interesting when you consider that much of the Western world is the same. In fact, the only thing bolstering the population of Western countries seems to be immigration.

Look at Japan. Demographically they already have widespread MGTOW (the Grass-Eating Men) and they're getting Crazy Cat Ladies (the Dried-Fish Women). Why do the Dried-Fish Women exist? Because:
  1. absolutely nobody desires them as they are
  2. they're too set in their ways (and lazy?) to change to something that is desirable
End result: demographic decline, far ahead of what's happening in the Western world. Currently there are schools which have been shut down, in the small towns. Eventually it is projected that entire towns will simply be abandoned.

Towns of now-deceased feminists, leaving abandoned designer-homes for the dregs and drug-dealers and outcasts to squat in - until their un-maintained walls fall down?

Sandman is correct, the collapse begins on the periphery of civilization. The outlying (rural) areas go. Parts of the inner areas go (Detroit?). Eventually the rich-and-privileged (and pampered) will end up living like Kings while around them the desperate and homeless are kept out by the walls of their gated communities. Long-term even the Kings will decline, as there will be no peon's to maintain (or grow) their technology.

Brings a little amusing thought to mind: property prices. On the periphery they will fall as everything declines. In the center they will continue to grow, as the richer and privileged haves crowd out the have-nots. A natural selection in towards and away from the centers of power and "culture" that we call "civilization".

This notification of the decline and collapse brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™. Have a sip of something alcoholic, plus learn how to brew (or distill - white lightning ought to be a killer). Me, I'm gonna have a sip of Grand Marnier and watch this slow-motion train-wreck as it happens live.


  1. Speaking of Russian demographic time bomb, it doesn't help much either that many of their women are openly rejecting their own men in hopes of getting a green card in wealthier western states via mail order brides/internet russian dating services. I signed up for one of those date russian girls sites a few years ago and I've been getting emails from these bitches ever since, all ranging in age from 28 to 32. It's amazing how delusional they all are.

    1. I got that impression myself, yes. A friend of mine was burned once with them, and looks set to be burned again. I must catch up with him.

      One of the other commenters recently said that it is not uncommon for them to get their green card, divorce hubby for cash and prizes, and bring over her Russian boyfriend. *boom* instant Russian Mafia in your country.

  2. Marriage is a multi-billion dollar business. Divorce is a multi-billion dollar business. There are few other institutions so chock full of evil and corruption as the marriage and divorce industries.