Wednesday 25 February 2015

Why Are You Putting Anyone Up On A Pedestal?

Over on RationalMale we have a commentor (The Diplomat) who has to have a rag on the MGTOW:
A number of men out there who are fully RP aware–but have made the decision (for whatever reasons) not to do the hard work of becoming “visible”–head straight to the MGTOW camp. Often, we in the manosphere who’ve labored tirelessly to flip the script on modern day open hypergamy and can now unapologetically and skillfully enjoy the company of women on our own terms rank them as among the “incels” (involuntary celibates). They are undeniably an angry, bitter faction–whatever their personal reasons to remain invisible. None of them that I’ve witnessed comes across as placid or monk-like in their choice. I always feel a sense of tragic loss for these men, since they swallowed the pill and yet choose not to finally scratch the itch that still fuels their collective rage now that they know the truth. They’ve chosen a kind of living death, but seem to be stuck in the Kubler Ross stages of anger and denial–rather than what they continually claim as “acceptance.” In terms of the Red Pill, one can die and be reborn, or one can die and yet still remain painfully half-alive. I can’t imagine why a man would choose the latter if he had the option not to. 
A true acceptance would indicate an element of calm, peacefulness, and comfort with one’s chosen lot, and I just don’t perceive that mindset among the MGTOWs at all. They appear paralyzed in their RP anger phase and in complete denial of their electively stunted lives. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it’s a damned shame. I hope the MGTOW movement evolves to address this at some point, instead of boarding up the windows from the inside and waiting for an imagined apocalypse that will never come.
This is wrong on so many levels - most especially the way of idealizing what they *think* someone should be like. There's a common thread that runs through *all* the stuff going on in the so-called Manosphere that boils down to: "If reality doesn't match what's in your head, then what's in your head is wrong."

All I can really say to this commentor is: Why are you putting *anyone* up on a pedestal?

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  1. What this idiot doesnt get, is that MGTOW is also about warning other men about the dangers of women & the systems women create

    MGTOW's arent bitter theyre warning other men about the dangers of women, of course twirps like the guy at rational male's upto his neck in sucking upto women, he doesnt see it as men communicating ...

    Men should rightfully be pissed off about the status quo

    I dont read the rationalmale, mainly because its filled with dickheads lmao