Tuesday 24 February 2015

Genuinely High Quality Women

No, I don't know particularly where to find these types of girls - perhaps they're the quieter, more reserved types of women who are often called "wallflowers". Sincere good luck in your hunt for them, because this isn't that kind of post. This is a follow-on from my last post, where tequila-fueled random association brought out what I think is an interesting cost-benefit analysis:
It gets better. I've not yet seen one PUA site state explicitly: "This is where you can find feminine, sweet, hot young women by the boatload in the Western world." I have seen them state that if you're getting 10% of your advances accepted then you're batting *way* above average. Kudo's to you guys for telling the truth there. I believe that you guys state it's more like a 1-5% average, depending upon various factors (ie skill and practice). 
So lets do the reality-check/math here, the cost-benefit analysis: 
* if you go out 3 nights a week you're probably spending $100+ on drinks for yourself
* each night you might run across 10 girls who you consider acceptable
* but you ran across 5 of them prior and they already said no
* so there are 5 girls who you consider acceptable that might say yes
* given a 5% chance (you suave man you) 1 girl in 20 will say yes
* she takes 4 nights on average to find, more likely a couple weeks (old faces showing up again)
* you fuck her two or three times, maybe ten times, then it goes sour - repeat process 
End result: 
* over 50 weeks
* you might get 25 girls of acceptable quality
* costing you $5k and quite some personal time (especially if you're a "go to" man in certain bars)
Now lets expand this basic cost-benefit analysis to include genuinely high-quality women.

I'm going to make an unwarranted assumption: that 1% of girls out there are actually what could be considered high-quality (they sure aren't obvious on a daily basis). Feminine. Sweet. Hot. Young. Modest. Your madonna/whore ideal, YOUR lady in the street and whore in the sheets. Only for you.

I stated above: in 1 year you might get 25 girls of acceptable quality to fuck. It depends. If you've got a soft harem going, you might have 5-6 girls in regular rotation for half that time and not be looking. Then a member of your harem finds someone else or just get pissed with you, and you have to find a replacement.

We'll go with 25 different girls in a year. Those 25 girls aren't automatically going to be in that 1% of girls that could be considered high-quality (if nothing else, many fake it). Which means that it could take 3-4 years (or more!) to find a high-quality girl.

To recap:

* of the roughly 20 girls a fortnight that you consider acceptable to fuck
* only 1 girl wants to be fucked by you
* and only 1% of the girls you fuck might be considered high-quality

So you've gone and filtered through about 20 * 100 = 2,000 girls to find one who might be considered high-quality. In a 3-4 year period.

That is a fuckton of effort to find one - one! - high-quality girl. Who you still have to keep playing games with, to keep her around. Who still might frivorce you.

This depending upon your level of skill and practice and persistence. Do you wanna try with a 1% success-rate rather'n a 5% success-rate? (Do the math: 10,000 girls to filter through.)

Is That Pussy Worth It?

Well, is it?

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  1. Marriage is enslavement of men .... men should be impregnating multiple women without a contract enslaving them to women

    Men shiuod be free to impregnate who they want, when they want, of course this terrifies christians, because it frees men from enslavement to the christian church & liberates men sexually

    Plenty of high quality marriage material women overseas, which is why expatting used to be so popular with mgtow

    You can get a high quality woman, if you get a young girl, the best is around the age of 13 or 14

    This allows you to bypass feminism etc. & teach her how to please a man

    This is WHY the age of consent laws are so high, so men dont get a chance to train women how to be high quality wives

    Age of consent laws are designed to cut girls from contact with men, so they become indoctrinated & brainwashed before men have a chance to train 13 & 14 year old girls how to be decent women

    1. Men do this already. We can see them all around us: brave, battling single mothers. Just remember to never give her your real name, number, or home address - that way the man isn't on the hook to pay child-support. (Which by the by everybody pays child-support for those hoes: taxes.)

      So long as you keep those women overseas then you are correct: they remain (relatively) high-quality. Bring them to here though and *kapow* their options skyrocket and yours drop. Say sayonara to your high-quality gal as she becomes a westernised whore.

      There is a reason why the old days had younger marriage age for girls and any older women (16+yo) were considered to be unmarriageable spinsters. Girls start experimenting sexually at 11+yo - so in the old days it was considered advisable to get 'em married before they screwed up their lives entirely. In America in the 1880's the age of consent/marriage was roughly 10yo (Delaware was 7yo, many places were 12yo, Hawaii and Oklahoma didn't have an age). (Source.)

      As I understand it (might be wrong) the raising of the age of consent laws involved the unmarriageable spinsters - they were pissed that they were considered unmarriageable! So they turned around and made certain that "their age" was considered the minimum "age of consent" and labelled anyone who thought about younger girls as being "creepy pedophiles".

      In fact, the first known use of the word "pedophile" in the English language was in 1906 (source). In 1920 the modern age-of-consent was 16+yo across America - about 14 years after the word pedophile was coined. Since then our society has become sexually schizophrenic: men are forcibly/socially sexually repressed and women are socially sexually liberated.

      Note that the common term of "pedophile" should actually be "paedophile".

  2. Excellent economic analysis. Should be taught to young men in economics class.