Monday 9 February 2015

Do You Hear Men Praising Their Marriage?


What you actually hear is things like this:
men generally say they envy me {single guys envy the home/shop/toys, & married/attached guys also envy my freedom tell me I was "smarter/wiser" than them, etc}, LOL
You hear this stuff from men when they've had a good time and enjoyed themselves or like something:
  • climbing that was awesome
  • pure fun
  • this is one sweet bike to ride (or car to drive)
  • was a great night of fishing
  • great time at the bbq
Yet, we never hear things like:
  • marriage is great
  • my wife fucks and sucks me more'n ever before
  • my wife is deliriously happy (!)
  • my kids are the bomb
  • man, get married - it's awesome!
Case closed. Marriage sucks. Every married man is trying to tell all of the unmarried men this, in the only way that they can: by not talking about it at all. Because if they shouted it from the rooftops:
  1. zero sex (forever)
  2. massive earbashing (forever)
  3. divorce (with child-support and alimony)
We have all been warned. We simply need to heed the unspoken words of our brothers. We need to be aware and mindful of their unspoken pain.

1 comment:

  1. Tru dat. Look, marriage has always been an enormous sacrifice and responsibility for men. However in days past, society acknowledged that sacrifice by granting certain perks to responsible husbands and fathers: respect, a certain amount of deference, property rights, male-only spaces, etc. The difference today is that those perks are all gone. Yet men are still expected to live up to their historic responsibilities. The tragedy is that idealistic young men don't find that out until it is too late.