Tuesday 10 February 2015

Why He's Broke

Caught up with a certain sack-of-shit PUA guy I know. He's going downhill, has crossed the borderline from "strange" into "fucking creepy" territory.

(Definitely something wrong there. And definitely something major-league wrong with any woman who gets involved with that fuckup. You know what I mean.)

At any rate, he had a major shit-fit recently about a bill that came his way thanks to having an accident with a car - something around the $3k mark. 'Cause you see, he didn't have the money for it - nor did he have any insurance.

So it's made me think about how he is, acts, and all that sort of shitaake. You know the drill, analysis and et-fucking-cetera. So I came to this realization. He's broke because of two reasons:
  1. he smokes about 3 packets of cigarettes a week (when he doesn't bum ciggies off others)
  2. he drinks about 12 stubbies of beer a day (when he doesn't skive booze off others)
Which comes down to a probable average of about $250 a week that he's wasting on booze and ciggies. And that's just at home: more if you count going out boozing and partying on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday in order to try and get laid.

Fuckin' ironic isn't it. He basically wastes $350+ a week. A prostitute is more certain and only costs $200 a week, without the associated hassle for him of:
  • being constantly hungover
  • breath and lungs going to hell from all the smoking
  • taking a shit on his dignity as he desperately chases pussy
  • having to deal with female "relationship" delusions
Plus, of course, going all the way into "fucking creepy" territory. Probably caused by ongoing brain-damage. He keeps this up and he won't be able to keep a job to cover his booze and ciggies. Remember, he did it to himself.

Any rate. Take $350 * 50 = $17,500 a year for his lifestyle choices. Where for $10,000 a year ($200 a week) he could instead get some top-notch pussy that is pleasant, younger, and goes away once he's done. Without even once bitching or nagging him. Hell, if he did this then he'd have that extra $7k in his bank-account to pay off his dumbshit car accident - and have insurance too, less bullshit all around.

Hold it there while I paint a large "L" for "Loser" on his forehead. Don't worry: the girls will flock to him once they realize that's what he is. Which is good, it lets me take the pulse of these fucking damaged-stupid hoes in what is laughingly called society these days.

Enjoy your cautionary look through Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k a pair and cheap at ten times the price.


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  2. Every PUA I've known has mental problems and drug Issues.

    1. Truth. This one used to be a drug-dealer, he probably still dabbles on the side. Certain types of girls love the nose-candy. It's adventurous and dangerous and titillating.

      Hell, I've run across millionaire guys and somewhat-older heiresses (of multiple-million-dollar-fortunes) who've gone for ecstacy and heroin and the like. Marijuana and alcohol were endemic among the ones I've run across. Crazy people who consider me a "square".

      If they want to "fly" off the top of the building, their lifestyle will oblige them.

    2. Doing euphoria-inducing drugs numbs to positive events of real life. It creates dissatisfaction which can't be slaked by conventional methods. I'm better off keeping away from chemically induced 'highs'. On the other hand, relief from stress and anxiety is achievable with other means than drugs.

    3. It's funny that when I posted my photo with a certain houseplant at some forum, then everyone assumed that it was cannabis. Heh, nice trolling, if I say it myself. That plant had nine leaflets, not five (like cannabis).

  3. Remember Mick Jagger singing "Satisfaction"?

    1. Yes. I especially remember the Kenny Everett version.