Tuesday 10 February 2015

Blame The Teachers

Some femi-cow columnist is having a whinge on The New York Times about women being less-represented in STEM jobs - and blaming(!) the teachers:

Well boo-hoo. Last I saw, it was women's vaginas that were involved in bringing up children - not a man's block'n'tackle. When it comes to birthing and bringing up the next generation (preferably properly) that would seem to be a hair more fucking important than having a female fucking body in the STEM system. The male bodies are the hardworking slave-class which our matriarchal society throws into the STEM blender.

At any rate, some fucktards came up with a new study about teacher's "stereotypical biases". You can smell the feminist fucktard mindset in both the mangina-and-femiwhore who did this study. It's just another bullshit variation on the equalism, you can have it all, you go girl fucktardism that some idiot academics shat out to justify their existence.
“The most surprising and I think important finding in the paper is that a biasing teacher affects the work choices students make and whether to study math and science years later,” said Mr. Lavy, who conducted the study with Edith Sand of Tel Aviv University.
The most (un)surprising and I think important finding in the paper is that it reveals you are filled with academic twaddle. Unless, of course, you actually desire the Western world to go down the fucking tubes. Which most leftist-feminists desire: they're filled with self-loathing, suicidal impulses which they can't handle - so they project them out upon the world as unthinking bias and hatred. So they spread the plague of memes which result in demographic and moral decline in the west.

The second most (un)surprising thing is that the "columnist" who thought this worthy of attention is a female. This is just talk-talk, which is all females do: actually going into a STEM field would be "too much work".

Work. That's stuff which a good number of our entitled women femiwhores balk at. Hell, they can't even cook or clean - actually doing STEM WORK would be HARD. Much of womens work is shuffling papers, typing, filing, looking pretty as they answer the phone, salesperson 1-on-1, stuff like that. Which is women's "communication skills" coming to the fore: not her "brain skills".

God fucking forbid that this kind of garbage academic thinker have influence over the world. Unfortunately: they already do!

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