Wednesday 25 February 2015

A Further View of MGTOW vs MRA

This is *very* tentative because I've not dug a helluva lot into the MRA side of things. I've had occasional looks at A Voice for Men and The Spearhead. As I understand it, both of those websites are for Mens Rights Activists of some stripe - whether it's pointing out garbage behavior or agitating for change.

Or sometimes, just a place for hurt men to vent. (Not certain-sure about that one.)

Please correct me if I'm wrong: I have not seen any MRA site advocating self-improvement. They're all about changing the current system so that it's more fair.

PUA's: self-improvement.

MGTOW's: self-improvement.

MRA's: changing the system.

A system which I (and I think many MGTOW) consider to be irreversibly broken. I shouldn't speak for the PUAs, though I think many of them consider the system irreversibly broken as well. That's why they shrug their shoulders and take full advantage of it.

Note: I will no longer refer to A Voice for Men as "A Voice for Mangina's". Shit, at least they're trying to do something that they believe in - rather than lay on the couch, look at the ceiling, and go wub wub wub. The fact that I think their chances of success are nil is irrelevant, they're getting out there and trying. I wish you luck in your struggle.


  1. IMO the MRAs are a necessary part of the triad. While they are challenging the status quo, the MGTOWs are demonstrating the consequences by rejecting the status quo, and the PUAs are throwing those consequences into the faces of those who support the status quo. Will their advocacy yield results? In the long run I believe.

    As far as self-improvement, I will give an A for effort, although it sometimes delves into the traditional views of masculinity at times.


    1. An interesting view of three parts to changing the status quo. It strikes a chord.

      Regarding Art of Manliness, I had the impression that it was too traditional. Since it appears that traditional is scorned by modern women, I passed it up. Of course, back at the time I thought that the path of the PUA would be for me.

  2. Can't really say for the MRAs, but you're right about the PUA. Their view is they can't change the system, most believe it is broken beyond repair and that society as it is can't keep going the way it is and is in a permanent state of decadent decline until collapse.

    There is a commonality of all three groups though. They all want to help their follow man. The MRAs want to "fix" the system for men. The dalrocks and voxs want to restore the old ways of Christianity and advocate men improve themselves. The pick up artists and MGTOW want men to wake up and either see the system for what it is and avoid it (MGTOW) or use it (PUA)

    1. It is good to get some confirmation re the PUA side of things. Thank you.

  3. I've never really referee to the MRA's as manginas.

    I've always seen them as the political arm, for want of a better analogy, what shin fein is to the IRA.

    I think it's all balance, and I see it all as a whole. I see PUA's as decadent and no self control, but that's how I came to the movement.

    I like how you won't call them that anymore, it shows that your ideas are not stagnant and you are publicly willing to change your mind. I think that's a good thing.

    1. I try not to completely lock my mind in stone. Stagnancy would be bad for self-improvement and probably could be considered some kind of mental laziness.

      I'd be a damn hypocrite if I didn't admit to changing ideas too. New information, new stuff I learn, I attempt to add into the jigsaw-puzzle of knowledge that I have.

  4. When I write my local politician pointing out injustice, or reply to feminist talking-points on the 'net, I'm an MRA.

    When I work out and eat right so I can bang a better quality of pussy (hypothetically - bit old for that now), I'm a PUA.

    When I make sure that pussy does not have my real name, number, address or place of work, and when I take care to minimize my tax and to remain unentangled in the system, I'm a MGHOW.