Friday 9 May 2014

Stupid People

Stupid people who have no lives will fill that emptiness with drama and horseshit. This is because it's the only excitement they get in their lives.

Not just women: men too. The dumber they are, the more drama they will cause. He-said-she-said, running away, hur-hur-dur, etc. All to fuel the desire to feel special, to feel wanted, to feel different from everybody else.

All this stupidity is wearying. Not tiring, because tiredness can go away with rest and sleep and you awaken with energy once more. Wearying, in that it causes a lassitude of the spirit, a desire to close the door upon the idiots. To lock them away from the sensible people, to throw away the key, to leave them to rot in the predictable hell of their own making.

If I could I would definitely go somewhere that it would be impossible for the stupid to follow me and bother me. Go and explore, both the universe and the mind, locking the door behind me and dynamiting the entrance thoroughly shut. Walk away to go and gather experiences and knowledge that nobody would be able to defile with some crass advertising or greedy and grasping act.

Just for some peace of mind and soul.

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