Friday 23 May 2014

Fat Acceptance - Jumping The Shark

Or if not jumping it, it's getting ready to. Great big fat fucking sharks too. Trigger warning, this is not a pretty thing to see:

Okay, here's a fattie by the name of Taryn Brumfitt (bumfit?) who felt insecure about her body - went to the gym and got a bodybuilder's body - realised that she still felt insecure about her body - so got fat again:

Now's she's spreading her corpulent wonder across the interwebs for all to see, glorying in her fatness and putting up a kickstarter to make a film to promote (wait for it) fat acceptance (I re-dub this film as "fat acceptance gone wild"):

Some women are just too fucked in the head to believe. This one loves the attention though - she's become the face fat blob of the Body Image Movement:

Call me cynical, I wonder how much of those kickstarter funds will "disappear" into her pocket. It's been known to happen - a lot. She's already met her $200k goal with 40 days to go, so feminism will get it's shits and giggles.

So now we men are going to have to be bombarded with this glorification of worthless laziness.

Why these retard women just can't get it. Here's a clue: most porn involves slim, sexy, young girls - not fatties and old chicks with everything sagging everywhere. Bring back #fatshaming!

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  1. This is another area where women are hypocrites and use opposite standards to apply to men vs. themselves. Women want fat acceptance but take delight in mocking and shaming men to don't live up to women's ideal male height. #Hypocrisy