Monday 26 May 2014

Sexy Photo's

It is no secret that girls will send some very sexy and kinky photo's to the guys who they deem to be worthy of fucking them. Every man worth his salt has at least a few (undies, naked tits, pussy, full body, whatever).

It's also no secret that "rape!" can be cried out at any time, even when the woman was at-the-time-of-sex absolutely gasping for it. It just takes changing her mind (even months or years down the track).

So, for the man's protection: Always Be Recording.

Now we have the German courts ruling that ex-lovers must delete any sexy pics of each other. The reasoning: they could be used to compromise the partner, therefore they should be deleted.

No. Do not do this. Poisonous as it sounds: it means simply that after a month or two, the woman can suddenly claim "rape". If you have deleted her voluntarily-passed-on sexy selfies, and deleted videos of the two of you having sex (especially the parts where she's screaming in pleasure and begging for you to do filthy things to her body and to treat her like dirt) then you have lost your protection.

Yes, revenge-porn is wrong. No, always be recording is not wrong. Do NOT be fooled by this type of ruling or any sense of fair-play on your part. You need that protection.

Bluntly: if she wants to act slutty, fine. She needs to understand that there are consequences to acting slutty and then having bullshit remorse and deciding to scream out "rape". It is not the position of the court to declare that she should be shielded from the consequences of her actions: that's her own common-sense that needs to be put into play.

When society collapses, then women will find the safety-nets are gone. Good. Then they'll realise that being a slut was the wrong thing to do and her kids that she hasn't brought up well are keeping her from having any kind of decent relationship and old age in her life. Tough shit, go whine at reality - it doesn't fucking care.

Just make sure that there are lots of copies in lots of places, so that you will always have a copy of the evidence.

Poisonous PSA brought to you by Black Poison Soul.

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