Monday 12 May 2014


So, you want to be a barista major in English or Women's Studies or the like.

Here's what you should know first: Anatomy of a Hardworking Barista

No, wait. Here's the stuff you need to major in English or Women's Studies (or any other similar stupid BA or MA studies):

To get a BA in the USA takes 4 years. Average cost per year in a public school: $27k. Average cost per year for room/board: $9k.

Combined cost per year: $36k. Add another $4k for the "little luxuries" in life that women cannot live without these days: $40k.

Total cost over 4 years: $160k for a BA.

Add another 2 years: $80k for an MA.

Totalled: 6 years and $240k to get your Master of Arts degree in English.

Yes I used the word "totalled" deliberately - 'cause you just totalled any chance of you having any kind of decent life. In America, $240k should pay off most of a reasonable house plus give you a brand-new car. Instead you're now 24+ and spending your hard-earned cashola paying off the interest-and-principal on...nothing.

Not a fucking thing. It's air. It's not physical in the slightest.

Does it make you big dollars? I know that my Cisco and Oracle training does, and the two of those combined didn't cost $10k total. In fact, the business paid for it: tax-deductable as ongoing training costs.

So you totalled your life for nothing of worth. Plus you are expecting to find a hubby who will buy you a house-and-car to the tune of $240k - in addition to paying off that student loan of yours. While you pump out your 1.2 children and be a stay-at-home mommy.

What more can be said.

I think that Captain Capitalism would approve of this analysis.

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