Thursday 1 May 2014

Reading Updates and Surprises

Well, I've put up the suicide note of Chris Mackney on the Free Reading page.

I've also put up a link to The Reasoners Library. On that page are legit links to two books by Esther Vilar: The Manipulated Man and The Polygamous Sex.

I've just realised that Hawaiian Libertarian has had me on his blog roll for a few months at least. Sometimes I'm too stupid to notice these things. Thank you man, I'm gonna blame it on being distracted - at least that's my story and I'm gonna stick with it.

I should put together a blog roll of my own sometime. However my list is slowly changing. For the moment, I'll leave it to the Free Reading page.

A never-ending battle of new information and things to read and think about. Plus a book to write - it's never-ending, hah!

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