Monday 12 May 2014

Cold Hands Warm Heart

I sometimes like to tease the older local women at various stores. A couple days ago one remarked that her hands were cold - I immediately held out my hands in a "warm them in here" motion. She did of course.

Her comment: "Ohhhhh you have warm hands." "Yep, I do." Her workmate immediately chimed in with: "Cold hands warm heart!" And the two had a little giggle. The female-centric mindset behind the old saying was blindingly obvious.

Then the one not getting her hands warmed suddenly came out with: "Warm hands cold heart!" I laughed and said "Yes indeed!" while stopping warming her workmate's hands. I left soon after.

Women, frenemies, hah! Not much generosity of soul in that one. She couldn't handle that another woman was getting attention while she wasn't.

Reality: the woman I was warming the hands of has cold hands. Nothing to do with her heart and emotions at all. Instructive look into their mindset though.

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