Wednesday 7 May 2014

Attacks on White Males

Not physical attacks, mental/emotional attacks. It's whats happening when you read about:

• divorce - especially when a man becomes suicidal after divorce

• diversity - women and minorities are the last to be downsized and the first to be hired

• education - more women in universities than men

• treatment - women can get away with behaviours that men would instantly go to jail for

All these are evidence of the attack upon the male, particularly the white male. Women have privileges, minorities have privileges, that white males do not. Ironic given the frothing and ranting by feminists and the general female population about "male privilege".

So you have to ask: Why all this hatred?

After all, it was the white male who invented our modern civilisation that has made women's lives tremendously easier and richer. Hell, the invention of the washing machine alone saved them hours upon hours of work every week! Why all the bent-out-of-shape bullshit?

So look a touch closer and try to look at it from a different angle: 97+% of the industrial stuff which makes life easier for everybody was invented by white males. The whole fruits of white male industrial civilisation have been spread to most of the Earth. It benefits everybody. So why all the hate.

Ohhhh, wait. White Men did all this, White Men get all the accolades for improving lives. Envy!

Such childishness now explains it all. I envy you, therefore I shall resent you for improving my life immeasurably, therefore I shall hate you. Because I can't be like you, I can't be as good as you. You have oppressed me. Oppression! We want equality!

So of course it's swung far too much the other way, for which we white men are hated more - irrationally. A catch-69 situation for us. Especially when we can't figure out why all the hate and resentment and anger. I mean, seriously, where the fuck did all that bullshit come from?

It got pulled out of someone's ass all because they were envious of us white men. They were incapable of dealing with it, definitely incapable of admitting to such childish emotions. Because they can't bring themselves to admit it and deal with it, it gets all twisted up and messed up inside - which they are even less capable of admitting to and dealing with. So it's projected out to white men. It's all white men's fault.


But then, nobody promised us that everyone in the world would be rational. Especially women.

"...and God promised that there would be good women at the four corners of the Earth. Then He made the Earth round, and He laughed and laughed and laughed..."

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