Friday 16 May 2014

Batshit Crazy

Uncle Mitch is correct, the world is nuts. Batshit crazy is the new normal.

Case in point, "Snooki will be a pretty bride":

New Weekly Magazine, May 14, 2014. Where they printed some retarded blond cunt doing a brain(?)-dump idea of a mother and her new hubby having the mother's placenta for dinner. Why would they print that? Because their (female) demographic finds that sort of thing to be hilariously funny!

If a man had even hinted to that: public castration and jail-time. Woman: no problems, the more the merrier. The retardism of all concerned takes my breath away, from the blond cunt through the editors and proofreaders all the way up to the owners of this rag. Never mind bad news sells, these days public vomit- and shit-eating sells.

"Exposing the black poison in the soul of society" - I missed the word "rotting" somewhere in the tagline of this blog.


  1. Professional attention whoring. Don't feed the beast, please.

    1. Thank you brother for the linkage. That post went semi-viral when it was just a frustrated rant.

    2. Most welcome brother, glad the linkage helped you.