Sunday, 18 May 2014

I'm Entitled

I just do not understand this. I simply cannot find that perfect woman that I'm entitled to.

I mean, my list of demands isn't huge. She simply must be:

• rich enough to support me in the luxury that I wish to become accustomed

• young (about sixteen) and a drop-dead fucking gorgeous blonde

• deliriously happy whenever catering to my every perverted sexual whim

• happy to arrange other girls for me when I get bored of the same old pussy or want to spice up our love-life a bit - or when she starts losing her looks

I absolutely refuse to settle, too. No way! She must be everything on this list. No exceptions!

Plus, she must be actively hunting for me. I'm too busy living my life to go hunting for her. And she must actively ask me - I can't be bothered asking her, or even hinting that I'm interested. After all, I'm simply too wonderful a catch to have to put out any effort in the slightest. My good looks (and huge penis) are all that she needs from me.

She must love me for my unwarranted arrogance and snooty attitude as well. She will love how badly I treat her and how I belittle her and how I beat her to a pulp for no reason at all. She will love my sexual infidelities and womanising ways.

She will mock other, lesser men as "pathetic losers". She will arrange blow and hookers for every night in the marital bed - also group lesbian orgies when we go overseas, which will be at least nine months of the year. She will persuade her younger sister to join us too, plus her MILF mother and all her young, hot blonde friends.

So where's my Pincess fucking Charming? Get your ass over here you lazy cunt! I'm entitled to it!

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