Thursday 8 May 2014

Women Love Being Sex Objects

Go ahead, scream otherwise. Scream and rant that you despise being sexually objectified. I don't believe you.

In fact, I'm right here laughing in your face for trying to convince me otherwise. You love it that I objectify you, you love that I know that you love it, you love it more when I act upon it.

I just get it.

For the sad and dumbass men out there who don't get it: women do not really despise being sexually objectified. They actually enjoy it. They dress up specifically to get that sexual response from men.

And I, for one, very much enjoy the display that is put out there to elicit that sexual response from me.

When it's on display, make no bones about enjoying it. Any woman who is bitching about it has only one problem with it (and in life): she can't compete.

Slightly poisonous? Not the display itself. What's poisonous is the ones who deny, fume, deny, scream, deny, and get pissed off when you enjoy it. Screw them. Enjoy the view and Enjoy the Decline.


  1. Hunk - 'Lookin' fine tonight honey, whatcha doin later?'

    Girl - *giggles, blushes*

    Dork - 'Excuse me, do you know what time--'

    Girl - 'RAPE!!!!!'

  2. Uh, yeah. What's the deal with bitches getting orgasms over that "Shitty Shades of Gay" rag anyway?

    1. I could suggest something like: check out Cosmo magazine and check out the Harlequin romance novels. I don't suggest it though. Because I did it in the name of research and it scarred me.

      Most romance novels are thinly-disguised porn. "Fifty Shits of Gays" was basically really bad Twilight fan-fiction that someone rewrote - probably nowhere as good as The Story of O. In fact, you might want to get The Story of O and read it in a public place. I'm thinking of doing that as an experiment, seeing what sorts of reactions I get.

      Cosmo was (from memory) a good chunk of advertising that was designed to make a woman feel like she was totally inadequate (when compared to perfectly-airbrushed 10 models). Then sell her the "solution". Plus pap articles for loser chicks who don't have a clue, which is a good number of them. (Hint: crappy one-off recipes that are supposed to "impress her man" for those who can't cook and sex positions for girls who are too shy to buy something like the Kama Sutra.)

      Yes, most girls are pretty bad at sex. Even though they "emote" otherwise (they don't think).