Thursday, 16 May 2013

What Women Want

Most guys have run across the dichotomy of what women say they want in a man, versus what they actually want in a man. You can see it in the types of guys that they end up with: low-life retards who treat them like shit, ignore them, use them like an object, beat them up, etc.

Just look at Rihanna and Chris Brown for a graphic example. Punching bag of the year award:

Of course, we all know that she went back to him. Yeee-fucking-hah! Beat me up, thugboy, I love it when you do that! Even now they're "semi-sorta still together" - literally a couple of days ago they had a public spat on Twitter™ about their breakup. That attention-whoring hamster running at full-throttle.

Fucks sake Chris, ignore the cunt. You're just feeding her retarded mentality. Indifference is the only solution to these whacked-out bitches, as well as being the worst thing you can do to fuck with their twisted cravings for attention.

Intellectual wanderings aside, it illustrates perfectly: women know what they want. They can't publicly admit to it though, because what they want would seem fucked up.

What women say they want, versus what they actually want. Believe the actions, not the words. Rihanna's actions show what she wants - she wants a guy who will put her in her place, and she will keep pressuring him until:

1/ he snaps and puts her in her place in an unmistakeable way (*repeated punches to the face*)

2/ he fails and she dumps his ass (public sniping on twatter optional)

Now, most guys aren't fucked up enough to want to punch the living shit out of their women (I include Chris in this list of guys - ANYONE will snap with enough provocation). Conversely (and thank goodness) very few women want that sort of thing to actually happen to them. A little mild physical coercion is plenty enough for them (a spanking when needed, as an example - "a spanking a day lubes up the vayjay").

So effectively, if you do the opposite of what a woman says she wants, you'll get further along with her than by following what she says that she wants.

"I want to be treated like a person." (Treat me like an object.)

"I want a guy who will listen to me." (I want someone who knows to ignore my bullshit.)

"I want a gentle, loving man." (I want a thug man who will protect me when the shit hits the fan.)

"I want a respectful guy." (I want a guy who doesn't give a damn about my opinions.)

Hey. Who the fuck goes to bed to be RESPECTED. No, what you want is along the lines of: "Ream my cunt every way from Sunday, then start on my ass. A gangbang would be fun too. PS I love sucking cock."

Thats nice, sweetheart. Now bend over, so I can have a really good look.

Only men are this truthful, though. Sadly, we as men allowed ourselves to be distracted by the bullshit flowing from women's mouths. Shit we should be ignoring. Shit that is NOT what they want.

They want a man who will stand up to their shit (because heaven knows, if he won't stand up to her, he won't stand up FOR her either).

They want a man who will correct their bad behaviour.

Women are actually aware of their own worst tendencies. Being dishonest (with men and - to a lesser extent - themselves) is the only way to find the men who can overcome them. Essentially it is a shit-test, a fitness-test for if a man is worthy of them. A testing process that never ends.

More black poison from the soul of women.

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