Friday 7 November 2014

Education Jumping The Shark Again

Of course, they're focusing on teh wimminz - the ones who are brainwashed to death with the "you can have an education/career/life/kiddies/parties" and all and all:
Edumacation. Ah haz it. Mah enzviroomental planeing an' prublum sulving letz mah figgur haw two balllance ah pensil awn mah uper lip.

I know a Canadian chick who spent a couple hundred thousand dollars getting a degree in marine biology. She moved to New Zealand to get work, to pay off the debt. Right now she's working as a secretary and is shacked up with a local computer tech guy - he makes six figures and helps pay her student loan.

Fuckin' pathetic.


  1. Guy's a fool. He learn if she leaves him when her loans are paid off.

    1. She will leave, yes.

      I've seen the same thing happen many times with other guys and their girls - once she's got her pound of blood-and-flesh she goes skipping off to the next guy. All the while saying soothing and socially-nice things to the guy she's leeched off.