Tuesday 11 November 2014

Indian Students Think It's Their Right To Cheat On University Exams

This one caught me totally by surprise:

BBC News: The students who feel they have the right to cheat

We all know that some forms of education are Worthless™, yet it somehow surprises me that people actually manage to get it into their head that it's a "right" to cheat. This makes even legit universities less-than-likely to be taken seriously.

Hear that, you Corporate HR Drones? Even a university degree won't mean shit soon.

Fucked-up-ism to the max.

Though I suppose it's no different to some cute student giving her teacher a blow-job for a good grade.


  1. The Chinese students are the same way.

  2. The root of it is mass education. Used to be that a professor would know the students they taught, a degree was an academic proudly saying "This young person whom I have taught is one of us".

    Ahh - who am I kidding. It was never like that.