Wednesday 26 November 2014

Sweaty Selfie Time!

Ah the eternal paean of the narcissistic female twat!

So here I am, at the top of a smallish local "mountain" that I've walked up. It's not tall - only about 250m and a reasonably easy climb (about 30 degrees incline). You end up a little sweaty and panting and all, depending on your fitness level. The view of the sea and local town is great.

It's actually quite a nice place, set up with trails and stairs for the public to do exercise and what-have-you. Typically there are joggers, sprinters, rugby people training, all that sort going around and up to the top.

The view is beautiful, I'm up there enjoying it...

...until a twat (like a gaggle only stupider) of four girls comes sprinting up a trail to the top in their skimpy outfits. First thing outta their mouths at the top: "It's sweaty selfie time!"

Cue provocative poses, pouting, giggling, koo...koo...koooo... (insert extra dribbling and drooling until you get the general idea of their inane mentality)

How cute and adorable.

(That's sarcasm by the way. Just in case you feminists reading this "can't get it" through context. I know, it's real hard to convey the "tone" of sarcasm via the inter-web-things. This is my public service especially for you, 'cause it's all about you, you pathetically inane narcissistic cunts.)

After walking down again I decide to walk around. Partway around: brilliant views, ocean waves, clean fresh air -

- and one stupid blond cunt having a smoke while sitting and talking with her boyfriend. I could smell the stink literally over 50m away, before they came into sight around a corner.

The stupidity of women - of people in general - continually astounds me.

What's really surprising that I'm actually surprised any more.

I need to find some really remote locations. Just so I can enjoy them without being bothered by the stupidity of humanity. While I thought that I'd found one locally - a series of waterfalls - once I'd gotten partway I ran across some useless piece of shit's discarded vodka can. Definitely not remote enough.


  1. I smoke. Sometimes I do it on the same planet as other people. That make me a cunt, too?

    1. To expand. I call a stupid cunt a stupid cunt for having a smoke on a smallish mountainside in the fresh air beside the sea with beautiful evening sunny views over the water that has kayak's and yachts in a place bustling with very fit exercising people where she had to make an effort to walk along dirt trails to get there etc - to sit down and fuck her lungs by having a ciggie. My point was that this wasn't a street/bar/restaurant location.

      My readership just dropped to zero, watch me care.