Friday 7 November 2014

Passive-Aggressive Cuntism

Ran into something similar to this today at lunchtime:
Women call this "the feminine mystique". I call it passive-aggressive cuntism aka jerking a guy around for shits and giggles.

Exhibit it once and I will stay away from you forever, because of the cuntish bitch that you have displayed yourself to be.

BTW the first strip is the point where I say "forget it" and walk away. No further interaction happens. That's what happens when a cunt displays her cuntishness to me.


  1. I don't know man, I think all women are like that. Some are more extreme than others, but in my experience, all I get from them is back handed snark/sarcasm and they fucking believe that shit to be flirting. I am so tempted to just walk up to one and start choking her when that shit comes out of her mouth. But because feminism, yeah just walking away is standard operating procedure these days.

  2. Agree and amplify is a lot of fun, when sputtering and heel stomping ensues. Make HER storm off in a huff, LOL.

  3. "Why? Do you think I'm fat?"

    "Yes. Why else would I offer to take you to the gym with me, except to get you into more fuckable shape."

    While the thought makes me laugh, I can't generally be arsed doing that. They're not worth it.

    Unless she really wants you - yes, all women are like that.

  4. There are another angles to use. The most direct would be:
    "As much as I can see through your clothes, yes."
    If she allows you to feel her here and there - for deposits of fat, of course:
    "I have another idea. Let's go make some couch gymnastics together. Exercise and fun at once!" *wink wink*

  5. ^ Wrong use of 'another'. Sigh...

  6. While I've done that sort of thing in the past, these days I seem to be too jaded to make the effort.