Friday 14 November 2014

Women's Games - Friday Fuckoff Edition

When a woman chases you she should know better than to play games. She started it - she has no hand - no power in the relationship - so games just get her ass turned to toast.

So here's today's game-playing cunt. Any one of these is enough to turn her ass to toast without explanation (I'm a mean-ass motherfucker):

  • being caught out lying
  • not doing what she said she would
  • getting passive-aggressive

She managed all three of these in one day. That twat is not just toast, it's deep fuckin' fried.

In addition she managed to get a creepiness badge in the same day:

  • saying "I love you" a week into a fling, which hadn't yet progressed from sexual to "relationship"
Yeah, I love you too, you creepy cunt. Now fuck off. *RADIO SILENCE*

Fucking crazy cunts these days.


  1. Feral women surrounded by betas, que hordes of socially inept incompetent women ...

  2. Black Poison Soul, how would you see the matter I commented on there? In your experience, are women less self-centered than I described?

  3. Mmmmmph. Girl dreamily orbits boy when boy doesn't chase her. Boy quietly chases girl. Girl runs away from boy. Everyone tells boy he's a fool for not dropping everything he believes in and wants for his own life to go and chase girl. So he goes and chases girl because dick overrides principles and the herd told him that it was the right thing to do. Girl demands that he open up to her, revealing his feeeeeeelings to her. Everything is about her...her...her...typical Holy-Wood cliche chick-flick plot.

    Meh. Mister Grey will see you now.

    Regarding David and Bathsheba:

    * man sees woman and lusts for her, finds who she is, sends for her (Thou shalt not covet another's wife.)
    * woman screams enthusiastically "yay! the king wants me! more! more!" (Thou shalt not commit adultery.)
    * woman says "I'm pregnant!" and man tries to get hubby back from war to "impregnate" her - hubby refuses
    * man sends hubby back to war to have him killed by the enemy (Thou shalt not kill.)
    * man marries new widow and she bore their new son (must have been a very short mourning period)

    Yeah, pretty much what you said. Only additions I might make are:

    * new husband is the top man in the land - status, the women seem to love that (Henry Kissenger screwed Gloria Steinem)
    * women get a charge over men fighting for them - makes 'em horny, especially if the man kills for her

    Men being dragged around by their dick are a hell of a lot easier to manipulate and screw around with. Of course, she loses respect for guys she can do that to - just like you can't really respect a girl who is ruled by her hormones/libido (try "respecting" a slut - yeah right).

    "It's all about MEEEEEEEEE!"

    Interesting that Absalom screwed ten of his father's concubines (sex-slaves) in public. Was this a quasi-raping/violation of his "mother" by some form of perverted proxy? Hell of a mess if so - though it's pretty messed-up that he would screw his own father's women anyway.

    1. Regarding this: "As an aside, personality disorders in general are ‘recurrent, enduring patterns of behavior’. One atrocious act is not enough to label someone as a sociopath."

      IMO one atrocious act is enough to establish a baseline indication/trend of what that person really is inside.

    2. I agree with your analysis. However, I wrote about the reactions of female readers of the story. Pretty predictable, isn't it?

      Of course, a second-hand intense drama is better - for them - than the same drama experienced firsthand.

    3. And GunnerQ clarified the second matter for us.

      Re: Absalom. Easy pussy and pissing his father off - two birds with one stone. Their relations apparently went sour, to say the least.

    4. I don't think that those concubines were much older than Absalom himself.

    5. I just found the name in psychobable for second hand drama: it's called 'vicarious experience'. Funny that it is supposed to teach something relatable to real life. Not necessarily, it seems.

    6. Psychobabble LOL - reminds me of the old song.

      Yeah it's all predictable. Vicarious is slightly better than the real thing, at least the pain isn't happening to *her*. Though if she wants the pain, she'll dive vag-first into it.

    7. Not "Frontier Psychiatrist" by any chance?