Wednesday 26 November 2014

Desperately Unattractive Clinginess

Once a woman has hit the wall - or fucked up with a man big-time and wants him back - she'll become desperately, possessively clingy towards him. Any man involved in this situation becomes an obsession, a craving. (Yeah, when she says she's absolutely craving you, it's a weird sensation.)

This behavior exhibited by a man is extremely repulsive to a woman. Ironically they're too stupid to realize that this behavior also puts men off. So when they start exhibiting it, they get all broken out of shape and turn into a blubbering mess of furious dejection because of rejection.

Nothing has more fury than a woman rejected. They basically dislike being told that they're not good enough for you.

At any rate, be prepared for obsessive behavior: constant phone calls, whining, crying, not letting you have a moment's peace, restraining orders, physical violence, screaming, blubbering, accusations of rape, etc.

It's exactly like being married to the crazy bitch, with the caveat that if you choose: you can have some fairly wild sex as you fuck her round emotionally. 'Cause this cunt is too damn crazed to be of any use for more'n fucking.

Of course, once she thinks that she really has you back (or thinks that she has you in her life) then she suddenly hates you. Hot-cold, hot-cold, hot-cold.

Bitches being desperate, be an ugly fuckin' sight.

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