Wednesday 26 November 2014

She Wants To Be Uninteresting

That's what it seems like. She wants to be less interesting - in fact downright repulsive - to men than ever before.

It's almost like this is a contest between women. Who can be both the most sluttiest looks-wise and at the same time most repulsive to men personality-wise in one. Bonus points for the number of cocks she can part her legs for despite the repulsiveness - preferably at the same time.

Then she can go to the other girls in the morning and crow: "I won!"

Yes indeed girl, you won. Here's your prize: an incurable STD that makes you sterile, Type II Diabetes, knee and hip replacements by the time you're thirty, multiple hymenoplasty through your years, daily kegel exercises just to maintain a slightly elastic pussy, quintiple bypass, and your seventh cat to celebrate the beginning of your mid-life crisis at 31 years of age.
What do you mean, you don't want any of those things. The prize isn't optional.

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