Tuesday 11 November 2014

Validate Me - Female Entitlement Issue

Said chick is 37 years old.

Her: "Do you like younger guys?" asked by a 32 year old. I guess that makes me old. (sadface)

I didn't bother replying. Plus I know validation-bait when I see it.

A few years ago I'd have done the whole suck-up-to-her-ass weakling male thing: "Of course you're not old babe! You're perfect!" And generally massaging away the pains of a bruised ego of an older woman who should have felt complimented that a younger guy was hitting on her.

Notice how instead, she took it badly. One of those women who will take everything in the worst possible light at the slightest opportunity. And then go crying to her suckup orbiters - who come out with the dribbling act on cue.


We aren't fucking. I'm not put on this planet to cater to your bruised ego. Though I could kick it around a little more, if'n ya want.

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