Friday 30 January 2015

New Hire - Female Entitlement Issue

The latest edition of Female Entitlement is the new knob-gobbler recently hired by what is laughably called management.


So all right, I work in a reasonably rough environment. Turning up here in full corporate gear isn't an everyday occurrence - cleaning can be an utter bitch if you're half the time in dirt and grease. Completely fucks with your gear so I save the suit for the days that I have to schmooze with upper management. Jeans and t-shirt or checked shirt are the order of the day. Steel-capped boots are de regeur if you don't want to lose toes. Hard hat, high-viz, the usual.

So the new girl shows up for the day: cap, tight t-shirt with short-sleeves, *very* frilly short-short things, flip-flops - vacuous eyes, lightly-freckled face and well-tanned all over. Extremely professional-looking. Give her a 6.5-7/10.

Ran across her casually stretched out in the smoko room, texting on her phone, being all cute and stuff - and incidentally showing her long legs off for all and sundry MEN.

Knob-gobbler indeed.

You have to fuckin' laugh. We all know how *you* got hired, schweetheart.

I wonder how cute you'll look, missing half your toes.

1 comment:

  1. Technically speaking, she wouldn't look all that good with missing toes especially the big ones missing because she would bleed out and die.