Monday 5 January 2015

A Good Cook

Yes, great humor.

Unfortunately, most women these days cannot cook. Which is pretty fucking amazing, considering that cooking is so easy - you can have children who are Master Chefs.

But then, women these days pride themselves on their utter uselessness.


  1. Unfortunately, there is one 'use' that any man willing to have descendants is forced to rely on: a human incubator. So any pre-menopausal woman with functional physiology is at least marginally useful. Yet the race to the bottom continues.... Evolution in action, heh.

  2. The Black Knight6 January 2015 at 07:38

    The modern woman's attitude is that you are supposed to love them solely on the account of them being female. Because vagina.

  3. Vagina is a commodity, love doesn't come into it. Go hire a surrogate mother in India or some other poor part of the world. Problem solved.

    1. *shrug* In the case of kids, a man who doesn't know what he is missing, does not miss it. If my hypothetical kids would feel about me the way I feel (and think, heh) about my father, it's better that there aren't any.