Monday 19 January 2015

Warped And Twisted Mindset

An old article from 2010, where a mentally-sick feminist bemoans the loss of being able to trap whoever she wants into being the daddy of her womb-turd:

The highest-rated comment on the article is this one 2 years ago, from a commentor named Hypersapien:
You are a sick piece of crap. 
Believe it or not, males are actual people with lives of our own. The male half of the population does not exist solely for the benefit of women. 
Women have spent the last 100 years fighting for equal rights. What some of you don't seem to get is that (1) that necessitates equal responsibility on your part, and (2) that doesn't mean you get more rights than us. 
Find yourself pregnant, and the nice guy that you've been with who'd make a great father isn't the biological father? TOUGH SHIT! You don't get to wipe out all his plans for the future with a lie. If you want, you can tell him the truth and ask if he'd like to act as the father. But if he says no, then you need to take no for an answer.
Preach it, my man. Preach it.

However - sick-headed baby-momma doesn't give a fuck about the man, she has a BABY. She is now BY GOD a MOTHER. The world can now BOW DOWN AND KISS HER GOLDEN PUSSY.

At least, in the minds of the psychopaths who follow this warped and twisted mindset. Me, I think she's deserving of a good sterilization.

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  1. Womb turd, hehe. I often use the term "rotten crotch fruit" to describe some stupid cunt's bastard kids.