Thursday 29 January 2015

Do We Play The Victim Game?

Cappy Cap comes up with a very thought-provoking post that I believe we should all read and have a think about:

How Whites Are Playing The Victim Game Too

Not just a superficial read. A deep-thinking read. For myself, reading through what he's posted I got two quick takeaways (the entire post is damned-well worth reading):

1/ fake mental illnesses

2/ personal delusions

Now, I didn't see the furor which hit him over the "Amazing Atheist" and his followers stomping their feet as they threw a fuckin' tantie about his comments.

I did, however, see some of the fallout re the furor which hit him over his videos where he slapped a few people in the MGTOW community for being fakes and delusional, etc. I viewed his videos and fuckin' agree with him. Even so, some of the MGTOW community started stomping their feet and threw a fuckin' tantie about it all.

There's sometimes a certain smell of bullshit that wafts around any part of the internet. As Aaron says, if someone gets massively pissed off with you: chances are you hit the fuckin' nail on the head. Somebody had his dick in the way and it got thoroughly smashed under the hammer, you get me?

So Aaron contends that: butthurt poser-MGTOW and Amazing Atheist community alike share one common thing: mental illness. (Myself, I'm not sure if he really means: personal delusions. Perhaps he's right to use illness, persistent delusions are effectively an illness.)

Either way, he is right. There is some slight smell of bullshit there.

So claim you're a victim. Bang! Your ego is suddenly invested in that. You become an instant parasite. "I'm a victim. Stwoke my wee ego to make me fweel bwetter. Pander to meeeeee!"

He makes an excellent point about these people not defining themselves by their work or profession. "I'm a man. I burp, fart, and sweat. I work at X to keep body'n'soul together, in my spare time I like to go and do Y." Instead for these people it's: "I'm a pan-sexual, transsexual, dyslexic" whateverthefuckhaveyou.

The first is the description of a self-reliant person, the second is the description of a self-identifying victim.

There's some bullshit somewhere around here. In my opinion it sure ain't coming from Cappy Cap. So here I'm wondering: who-all has their dick resting on the head of the nail?


When I hear someone named something like "The Amazing ..." I'm immediately put in mind of a sideshow barker touting the acts at the carnival. "Step right up! On our left we have The Amazing Murlyn, Sorcerer Extraordinaire! Further along is the Bearded Lady, don't forget to check out the amazing Reptile Boy - touch him, his scales will send a chill down your spine - then slip into the tent that hides..." and the patter goes on.

Some bullshit somewhere.


  1. James and the Giant Peach29 January 2015 at 22:43

    I like blogs like yours and sometimes uncabobs because you two can point out the bad stuff women do, YET STILL NOT PLAY A VICTIM.

    Just because the world has a lot of shitty men and women doesn't mean you hide on the comments section of the manosphere complaining all the time. Do many aspects of life suck? Yes. Are many things unfair? Yes. Can you control your response to bad circumstances? Yes!

    For a lot of people it is human nature to play victim. But with the Romans, Genghis Khans, Mao's of the world, you really didn't have the chance to act like one. You just died or were murdered, or you gave up and were weeded out of the gene pool.

    Fact is whether you believe in god and/or evolution man and woman are made for each other. Yes you can argue that the quality of men or women is low today (compared to which time period?) but you still can't argue there is something innate in wanting the other, whether by the prodding of the soul or our neuro chemical synapses. We yearn for a woman's touch and women for our touch. Going your way is a form of defeat. A defeat where losses and gains have been minimized, but a sound defeat nonetheless.

    1. Tryin' to keep things real here. Success varies, as always in life - we can't always be perfect. Continual slightly-better each day is what we can strive for, and backslides happen.

      You make a valid point with "compared to which time period?" Perhaps we have delusions that things used to be better. Maybe things were actually better back then, maybe the nastiness was still there yet simply better-hidden. Now it seems the nastiness is celebrated openly instead of being hidden out of sight. Class vs crass, the crass is now open where originally it was more sub-rosa.

      I want my gorgeous lady in the streets, dirty whore in the sheets. Selfish prick that I am. I dislike it when the dirty whore side is aired publicly with pride, it no longer becomes "dirty whore specially for me". My pride has been pricked, with a penis not my own.

      Indeed there is that craving for a human touch between man and woman. Perhaps we are defeated, in the end, by our own trained fastidiousness?

  2. James, the difference between the times of the Romans, Khan, Mao and now is that back then there was no fucking feminism to beat down every boy and man. Sure life was nasty, brutish, and short back then, but women knew their fucking place. The only remedy for today is a massive apocalyptic event that decimates the world populous.

    1. I've not looked at Khan and Mao. I will disagree regarding the times of Rome and Sparta.

      Rome: "Bread and Circuses". The unemployed citizens in the city of Rome itself were paid-off with free food and entertainment. The grain came from Africa. I'm not going to claim that it was roses and light for the people, yet it was a social safety-net that a good number will have taken advantage of. As sexual licentiousness grew Rome declined.

      Sparta: "This Is Sparta!" Yeah okay, jokes about 300 aside. Spartan women controlled their own properties and those of their husbands. Divorce was allowed. Highly educated. Infanticide was a major thing. Some never married or married too late in life.

      Some interesting parallels then and now. Feminism might simply be our "label" that we put on the modern version of what happened back then.

  3. A victim? Of what? Boredom? Such a devastating affliction. Hahaha.

    I think I'd be an actual victim if I were not a MGTOW. Where I am living, the age of consent is 15, and the age of majority is 18. Adult prostitution is legal, and only profiteering from someone else renting their 'services' is illegal. I don't pay for sex, but it's comforting to know that the choice is there, if I was ever in need.

    The biggest pickle I have is that wherever I look, there are people trying to tell me how to live my life.

    @James and the GP
    I can argue that laws are becoming more and more skewed to better accommodate women at the expense of men. There is no incentive for women to remain loyal after they start to yearn for the taste of 'adventure':
    Female nature stays about the same, but circumstances change. Social restraints are dissolving, thanks mostly to feminist agenda.

    1. - who wants 'sloppy double digits'? I'd rather pay a ho than date a slut for a long-term. Even worse if 'born-again' or 'reformed' one.

    2. Try "sloppy triple digits" for more joy.