Friday 9 January 2015

Advertising Caters to Women

I believe that I've put this up before. However, it's worth putting up again:
There is a reason that this advertisement was pulled, banned, not shown. It upset teh wimminz.


Why, because it showed how selfish they were. In their un-made-up glory of full-forward cuntism that they jump into whenever something doesn't go their way.

"You are so selfish!" Yes ho. Because I decided to please myself, instead of spending that $20+k on your selfishly entitled useless fat ass.

Have you ever noticed though - modern commercials (and even movies) people are almost never happy. It's like they're zombified. And you too can join the zombies. Crassness to the maximum. Buy your fake happiness of the moment. The deeply uprooted, alienated types of people are far easier to sell such dreams to.

"I wanna feel at home!" Is that so hard for women to understand? That they don't make you feel at home? Is that so hard for US to understand? That it's so simple to be turned into a slave inside our own homes, lives, minds?

Excuse me. I need another sip of Grand Marnier. That will help me feel at home.


  1. All the women in that ad were fuck ugly and the men were demonized for having fun. I would say toyota did a damn good job marketing that vehicle toward men if that was their target demographic.

    1. They definitely did a good job all right. Unfortunately teh wimminz protested - it encouraged men to waste money on themselves instead of slaving away for a woman and slavishly gifting her with the fruits of his blood, sweat and diesel.

      Thus: pull it!

    2. Glenfiddich for me, but yes.
      Great video, perfectly illustrates the selfishness of the modern warpig.