Tuesday 27 January 2015

Don't Be Judgemental - Woman's Whining Edition

So, a twat I know in passing states: "When you judge another you do not define them, but you define yourself."

This is just women's whining again. "Don't judge me!" Because they're deathly afraid of being judged.

Wrong. I will judge you. First judgement:

  • Why are you demanding that I not judge you?
  • What skeletons are you trying to hide in your closet?

So from the beginning: "When you judge another you do not define them..." No, I simply see them more clearly for what they are. Usually as some form of hidden shit - thank you Crap Colored Glasses™.

To the ending: "...but you define yourself." Oooooo shaming language! The implication being that you define yourself as a Bad Person™. Where the reality is that I am defining myself as a person who is not going to take certain types of undesirable into my life. A small thank you to the internal Female To Male Translator.

Now, from the opposite point of view. Women love, love, love to judge men. "Too ugly. Too old. Too quiet. Too weird. Too creepy. Too bland. Too emotional. Too...too...too..."

I love your unthinking judgement of me. Let me rub your face in the two-faced hypocrisy you have so eloquently displayed.


  1. Dont criticise women, cos paybacks a bitch for the average entitled slapper lol...

    Only an entitled privileged leisure class cakes herself in clown makeup, & then demands you not criticise her for her uselessness ... how dare you use your man logic, to defend yourself against a womans batshit emotions ....

    The key to get in a whores panties, is to snigger at them & look at them judgementally, as she wanders around like a retard with her bonehead clueless hunk ... while you juggle calculus & quantum mechanics on your smartphone, laughing your ass off at her deluded stupidity ...

    The key is to win intellectually & at life, so you have the confidence to laugh in a bitches face, at her deluded stupidity

    1. Slapper indeed, though the payback is way too late and way too soft. Clown makeup FTW.

      The major problem with this lot is that they're so same-same that they bore the living fuck out of me. My judgementalism defaults now to "another boring fuck who will attempt to steal my stuff or screw me over". I just semi-sneer at them these days.

      Jaded? Yep.

  2. Judgement and discernment are linked. If we don't test the individuals how can we determine if they are being honest with us let alone honest with themselves? Don't judge me? Ha! You are anathema. Your true nature was just revealed.