Thursday 22 January 2015

I'm A Victim

I'm a victim! Pity me!

Ah, the eternal refrain of women crazy cunts who have invaded the male space.

In this situation: a game. For some unholy purpose (ie female "socialization" crap) there is a google hangout and pages with a bunch of twats involved. Sadly, I am forced to hang out there amongst the intellectually-challenged because the game-base history, etc happens to be in that google hangout and pages. Of course, all the shit-turd-of-the-moment of their personal lives gets flung around in said hangouts and google pages and blah blah blah.

So. For some unfathomable reason one of the local man(ginas) decided that it was worthwhile to post all about himself.

Whereupon several of the women crazy cunts decided to do the same. Interesting factoid: they're all the victim of abuse.

Yeah. Right. Every single one who has responded = victim of abuse.

I couldn't be bothered reading the shit ("trigger warning" - ooooo spoooky!).

It was very instructive, though. All these women - I'm a victim! - now play nice with me, pwetty pwease?

Anything to get an extra edge via the vagina-card. Fuckin' pathetic.

If life hits you hard (which I don't believe for a minute for every single one of these crazy cunts) then sort yourself out, don't dwell on it, and get a fucking move on with life. Bringing it up over and over to use as a weapon against others is sick and twisted.

Women. Too stupid to live with, and almost too stupid to live period.

Public Service Announcement™ brought to you by "ya stupid cunts", "get a fucking grip", and "sort yaself out fuckwit". Honorable mention goes to: "I don't give a fuck", "piss off and leave me alone", "I'm not your fucking shrink", and "play your victim card with someone who gives a flying shit".

Extra thought: Weaponization of personal abuse, whether real or manufactured. Typical of feminism.

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