Wednesday 7 January 2015

Women Do What You Let Them Do

So, listening to various MGTOW videos like the following:
It occurs to me - the reason why men in heavy industry (and the like) don't have much in the way of problems with women is one only: they are men already.

Women don't dare pull bullshit with these guys. Because the guy will flat-out backhand them into the floor. I've seen it happen, they don't give a crap regarding the HR department. They simply take no shit from some entitled cunt.

Which leaves me wondering if it's just the men in the "softer" jobs that have problems with women.


  1. Here in USA, a man can slap a woman's stupid face as long as it's behind a closed door with no cameras or other incriminating witnesses present. Otherwise, we generally are expected to just suck it up, and take whatever bullshit comes our way like we are plebeians to so called feminine royalty.

  2. Not so fast. If you are easily replaceable, angering the feminist hivemind is the last thing you want. If you aren't easy to replace and still in demand, then it's another matter.

  3. Rich Zubaty's book What Men Know That women Don't is probably the most heartfelt and personal testament to the superiority of men's intuition and character that I've ever read.