Tuesday 20 January 2015

Mental Abuse

Rich Zubaty wrote a very eloquent item. He equates women's constant talking to mental abuse of men.

His reasoning: women evolved to be social (in groups, agrarian) where talking was the norm. Men evolved to be stalkers (in groups, hunters) where talking unneeded scared away game - or alerted the enemy.

Thinking about it, reflecting on my time as a married man or hanging around women, I find myself agreeing with him. It is exceptionally difficult to think through an idea properly when you are constantly bombarded with chatter, questions, random ideas that flit from topic to topic, and direct brain-to-mouth uncensored drivel.

"Did you know that Jane is being cheated on again by her husband? Poor dear. I don't know how she stands it. Rosie says that she should divorce him you know. It would be very difficult though, because of the children. Such little dears, they were playing with our children this afternoon at the playground. We had ice-creams and they ran around and little Joey skinned his knee..."

Logically extending this, I wonder why business' insists on putting a lot of people into cube-farms. Especially they try to do this with Finance and IT - don't be a receptionist either (you have been warned). It just takes one person having a very bad day (or a really crappy customer to deal with) and the whole team becomes completely ineffective.

Constant interruptions are a bastard also. You know the kind of thing: somebody wandering into your space to ask an inane non-essential question that could have simply been asked via email and answered later during a break between jobs. Calling you on the phone for similar dumb shit. That kind of crap simply doesn't let you function at more than 10% of your capacity - at best.

Have you noticed that upper management all have their own offices.

So getting back to women, they hang around their boyfriend/husband and chatter inanely about garbage. He becomes completely ineffective from being bombarded with that mental shit all day and night, she gets pissy about it because she has no clue that he actually needs a mental break, and he gets fucking grumpy about it - and eventually he shuts her out.

"Yes dear. Yes dear. Yes dear."

So she accuses him of being deaf. Or even better: "He no longer listens to me. I'm not haaaaapy! Waaaaahhhh!" And frivorce-time comes unannounced out of the blue for him, because he's shut her out of his mind from self-defense.

She then goes to make herself happy with a series of men who will lie to her so that they can stick their cocks in her a few times, then dump her. "Men are such pigs. All they want is sex! Waaaaaaahhhhh!"

No. You fucked with our heads so much with your constant chatter, interfered with our mental processes so much, that you drove us insane. Nobody who is sane could stand to stay around you for more than a short time.

Getting away from that crap is a burst of sanity and relaxation for a man. How much of this he needs depends upon how much alone-time he can get anyway. Is there any wonder that some men who divorce become tremendously more relaxed - and productive? (Assuming the man doesn't have to deal with too much ex-wife bullshit. Or other-woman bullshit.)

Mental abuse. It starts with the girlfriend and goes through marital non-bliss to the final ignominious frivorce.


  1. Back in the old days, the australian term was "ear-bashing". A lot of truth hidden in that deceptively brief phrase.

    1. Yes indeed. I should have used that term myself - figured it was too Australian though.