Saturday 10 January 2015

Degrees of Understanding

Since the New Year I've been slowly chipping away at the concept that it's time to understand both myself and the world on another, deeper level. This is when I turn around and have a re-look at things I've said, spoken, thought, written over the prior year. The objective: a refresher and to determine if a wider perspective can be brought to bear with a fresh and perhaps different conclusion.

Trying to sort through for the bits that will make me sit back and go "hmmmm..." and look deeper.
One of the things is the book that I'm just starting to read, by Rich Zubaty. This came up just a couple of days ago with the video I'd wandered across: What Men Know That Women Don't. An anonymous comment helpfully pointed out that it was a book, now I'm starting to read it.

Already it's given me a couple of "hmmmm..." moments - and it's barely begun. For me this is going to be a slow read. Too many things are making me stop and try to think and reassess.

Uncle Bob has an excellent post up about Rich Zubarty's stuff already: Bits of Zubaty. It's worth reading these exerpts. I think that the book itself is going to be very much worth reading, and will end up on my must-read list. Whether I agree with it all or not. I don't necessarily agree with everything that I read - neither should you. Come to your own conclusions.

One of the things which has struck me already from this book: Women analyze detail, Men analyze the bigger picture. That's what we seek, trying to see what the hell is going on in society - where it's going cuckoo - while those buried in the social concrete don't get the chance to figure out what the fuck is going down, they're simply caught up in the gooey day-to-day crap.

To use another analogy: Most people are busy cutting down the forest and making a roadway, where we are climbing the tree and trying to say "hey, wrong direction!" And getting shouted down because down there they feel like they're achieving something.

Perhaps they are. They seem to be hiding - reasonably successfully - from their inner desperation and emptiness.

Another thing which has struck me from the book - Rich states that he went to study Buddhism in Wat Suan Mokh in southern Thailand. "Practicing Buddhism in Thailand was like weaving underwater, so fierce was the clash between the noisy, commercial, feminine Thai culture and the ascetic stillness of Theraveda Buddhism."

Yes indeed. I also was struck by this peculiar contrast. Bangkok, the whore of Thailand and the Western World, with it's glitz and garbage contrast. In the rural areas it's somewhat more peaceful. Temples everywhere, yet so many people wandering about without a really deep think about these things. The Thai people bummed because they were knocked out of the #1 place on Instagram for putting up selfies.

"What happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok. Except STDs. Those motherfuckers will follow you back home." Just like Vegas, which was very amusing because I stayed in a hotel called the Nasa Vegas.

The Thai people. The most pleasant people that you can buy.
It's always good to review the basics. For this new year, Heartiste provides a very timely reminder: Romance Isn't Foreplay.

In the post, he states that romance is Beta bait. In some ways I must agree: bait indeed. Both for the girl getting wined-and-dined on a dimwit's dime, yet - more subtly - for the advertisers and the like who shamelessly promote the idealism bullshit of romance while using it as an excuse to suck the money out of somebody's wallet.

Due to "social expectations", it's the chump man who loses the dollars. Whether it's to a regular Friday night date with his long-term girl, or the ten-fifteen guys who pay for an expensive first-or-second dinner-date with a whore who just wants to be fed once or twice before she "decides they're not really for each other".

As we've heard about in the media - I even put up in a New Zealand version a while back, with a brain-dead female defending women's right to be wined-and-dined pre-fuck on the man's dime.
As always, by the end of a year my mind (and writing) is getting stale. The review of the year helps to freshen up things and revitalize the juices.

Of course, taking the 8 weeks holiday that I've accumulated would be an excellent remedy too. Goodness knows when, or even if, that will happen.

It is also an attempt to bring stillness back into the self. Given the commercial and business madness that is Christmas and New Year's, everything and everybody ends up agitated as fuck. It's no wonder that this time of year is known for much domestic violence, abuse, and suicide.
Summertime New Zealand, the end of the day. Tonight I don't feel like a Grand Marnier. I think tonight is an ice-cold Margarita on the deck, in the dimness of the evening, as the stars come out.

See you around while the walls come tumbling down. As Heartiste states in his post about Gratitude:
America [BPS: the West as a whole] is feverish with shamelessness. Teeming Trash World migrants are escorted here on a transnational, transubstantiating, blood red carpet, only to arrive and shamelessly agitate for handouts, hand-overs, and upper hands. Single moms shamelessly flaunt their “independence” and “empowerment” as their kids have to endure a parade of dickheads tromping through their living rooms. Sluts shamelessly crow about their accomplishment persuading desperate losers to dump a spastic fuck in them. Fatties shamelessly parade their blubber, and doubleplusshamelessly demand acceptance of their grotesqueness. 
SWPLs preach diversity while shamelessly doing all they can to insulate themselves from their ruddy religious icons. Government and corporate globalists shamelessly smash the concept of a nation for a fatter wallet. SJWs shamelessly slake their hatred for their enemies’ perceived sin of hatefulness. Male feminists shamelessly surrender the last vestige of their masculinity for a patronizing pat on the head from screeching witches. 
Soon, women will turn the Walk of Shame into an exuberantly proud strut.
Yes indeed: Her Strut - Bob Seger (having problems linking videos at the moment, however this one IMO perfectly exemplifies our feminized society).


  1. - even Roosh is right, sometimes.

    1. No, it still has a great deal further to go. I'm expecting things like:

      * sex on demand (women demanding it from men)
      * public sex as a spectator sport
      * a public register of all men, their DNA, their work history, etc - fully available for women to peruse

      ...which will enable the following scenario...

      * as the population declines
      * the government becomes alarmed
      * it will become mandatory for women to get pregnant
      * as incentives women will be taken out of all work
      * all women's "stuff" will be paid for by the government (pampered)
      * all men will have to work long hours and pay extra taxes to support this new growth in baby-mommas