Saturday 10 January 2015

Dying Alone

Over on Reddit there is an MGTOW forum that I occasionally look in on. Today-ish they have a response on what to say when a woman says that you'll die alone.

Thinking back on all of the women who I can imagine saying this type of thing (just about all women I've known are simply another whore wanting a meal-ticket) I realize that I must take the following into consideration. Indeed, if I die alone I will not have to:

  • pay for your shitty ideas of kulture*
  • pay for your shitty choices (aka mistakes) in life
  • pay for your shitty expensive lack of an education
  • pay for your shitty home to live in (plus upgrades)
  • pay for your shitty personal car
  • pay for and bring up your shitty bastard child of another man
  • listen to your whining and bitching
  • deal with your entitled cuntism
  • take any crap from you whatsoever
  • act like an ATM aka working slave for your life of convenience and ease
  • keep paying you once you kick me out of the home via frivorce for cash and prizes

In addition, my life (physically, mentally, and emotionally) is far easier from not having to deal with any of the above.

I don't care that your personal life is far harder without me (or any Man) as a male ATM cum working slave. I don't care that your shitty bastard child is having a hard time without a male ATM cum working slave in your life. I don't care that you are living hand-to-mouth, always have, always will.

I do care about these things:

1/ I enjoy the schadenfreude that you are in personal pain.

2/ I enjoy the thought that you will die alone 7 or more years after I die alone (more soul-cutting pain for you before you die).

3/ I enjoy the thought that my life is of ease and pleasure prior to my death, while your life consists of living pathetically far below what you should have been capable of - and what you would have had if you had actually been a decent person worth having around.

So there you have it. There are just a few of the reasons why dying alone is far, far better than the prostitutes that try to pass themselves off as women.

Remember that I once had a woman say in passing (about men dying earlier than women do): "At least you can get a break from the bastards." That hateful cunt didn't deserve any kind of man in her life. Neither do these ones who talk about you dying alone - that is hateful shaming-speech used to browbeat you into submission.

* Mentally, most women still spell culture with a K. Thug kulture to da max. Pathetic.


  1. Hmmm, would a female presence make dying better? With her scurrying around? "Woe is me" drama? Or anything else to take the mind off the agony going on?

    1. You'll make her start gobbling in incoherent fury hah!

      From the movie Highlander, McCloud's death scene: "He's a Highlander, by God, and the last sound he hears should not be that of a wailing woman!"

      While inside she's thinking: "Damn, I didn't load up his insurance payouts first."