Tuesday 13 January 2015

It Isn't Your Fault

Okay, I had read parts of this - it simply didn't click and I didn't connect the dots. Until Rich Zubaty connected the dots for me, in his book "What Men Know That Women Don't". Slow reading.

If, as a man, you are cheated upon by your woman: It. Isn't. Your. Fault.

Of course, that's not what the zeitgeist of the day tells you. It's not even what your own brain tells you. Those things tell you that you didn't measure up - or she would never have strayed.

We have to realize: our brain has been brainwashed (hah!) from birth with certain ideas. Including that she will never stray if you are a "good man".

It's not even correct to get angry or fatalistic and say "bitches be bitches" and the like. That's like blaming ice for being cold, water for being wet, and fire for being hot. It's simply her nature, coldly programmed into her DNA. Probably useful given that the human race has at least once been reduced to something like 1,000 individuals after a great disaster.

So here's a little background to help us connect the dots:

The AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) states that of blood from donors, a full 30% show that the "father" actually is not the father.

Early 1970's. Scientists were testing blood types in the British town of West Isleworth, entire families. Again 30% of the blood-types were incompatible with the "father". The true rate of illegitimacy was higher because even some fathers and bastards would have matching blood types due to coincidence. The researchers estimated the real rate was around 50%.

Liverpool: 20-30%. Rural Michigan: 10%. Native Hawaiians: 2.3%.

According to "Sperm Wars", the actual rate of illegitimacy varies depending on the status of the males in the area: 1% for high-status areas, 5-6% for moderate-status areas, and 10-30% for lower-status areas. Which makes sense genetically - women want their offspring to have the highest-caliber DNA (Status +1 or better).

So what might this mean?

Human males have the biggest penis of all primates. Human females do not have overt signs of sexual readiness. In fact, they can conceive year-round - unlike many larger mammals like deer, which have a "season" - which is why we fuck our women as often as possible. This means that women have evolved to take our human genetic variety and spread it. She's very, very good at covering up her covert activities, also.

This is why the usual answer to "I'm not sure, I think my girlfriend is cheating on me, what should I do" is "she is cheating on you - dump her". Because if you are getting the vibe that she's cheating on you, she certainly is. Your brain isn't that stupid and she's basically fucked up enough with her covertness to the point that you've actually noticed it consciously.

She. Will. Cheat. On. You.

Of course, if caught it's never her fault. It's your fault for not being man enough. The zeitgeist tells us that, has taught us that from day dot. Typical feminine imperative indoctrination of boys from a young age.

So, given this: you've done the smart thing, checked your kids, and found that at least one of them ain't yours. A little $250 test and takes a couple of weeks in the USA. What the fuck do you do?

Being a smart bastard, you take the money you've stashed away in an account that she doesn't know about (you do have that, yes?) and get the fuck outta dodge.

What, you don't have an emergency-fund? Why the fuck not? This is the 21st century man, you have a 50+% chance of divorce (actually its over 80% - don't believe all the "official" statistics). The chances are very high that you'll get frivorce-raped at some time in your life.

As a man it is up to you to keep something aside for yourself. At all times. Especially when she's guaranteed to get the kiddies and home PLUS an income from your pathetic slave ass. Given the propensity for these days the woman saying "he's the father" even when you're not married and may have fucked her only the once - you have no excuses for not having something hidden away. You can still be on the hook for her baby even though it's not yours, the courts enforcing child-support on you.

To prevent this you must remove the bullshit programming from your mind. Smash that pedestal. She is not some angel. She. Will. Cheat. On. You. Probably 4 years into your marriage, then there's the 7 year itch, and who knows when she will decide to go "find herself" (aka find how much cock she can cram into her cunt and ass and mouth).

When it happens to you, try to remember: It isn't your fault.


  1. IOW, the pair bond has the expiration period.

    1. I have the sneaking suspicion that the so-called "pair bond" is simply a fiction of convenience for momentary lust. That there is no such thing in reality.

  2. The 2-year mark is more than enough time to get pregnant and have the first kid. When a woman gets to the 2-year mark and no kid, her body goes "this ain't working, time for new cock".

    The 4 and 7 year marks are about when a first and second child are weaned and become independent enough to not require 24-hour care.

    And it's instinctive. It is a bad idea - evolutionarily speaking - to have all your offspring to the one other partner. That person may have a genetic condition you don't know about. People inclined to spread it around a little have a better chance of passing on their genes, and here we are.